Vinyl Wall-Mounted Video Games

Even though it is a young industry, many of us already have an old relationship with video games . Those born in the 80’s are familiar with terms like “Amiga”, “Spectrum”, “Atari” … terms that are sure to be well known to novice players.
In TeleAdhesivo we have paid homage to all those video games as described in play selection that had us hooked to the computers in its beginnings. A handful of bits and controls of the most rudimentary were enough to catch us for hours, shooting at Martians or plunging into passionate pixelated adventures.If you want to decorate any room of your house with these emotive memories of video games, you have only to rely on these fantastic wall vinyls that you will love.We have more in our catalog that you can take a look at.It seems that I already hear that artificial and captivating music…

Space Invaders Vinyl

The arcade video game par excellence.The definitive matamarcianos.They said that since its launch in 1978, there was a shortage of coins in Japan that the government had to cope with by minting new coins.Truth or urban legend?

Vinyl Out & Run

In 1986, we were able to get under the control of our Ferrari Testarossa to travel Big Sur California at high speed. Sega discovered us this game through recreational machines and later with the Master System and the Megadrive.

Pac-Man Vinyl

Popularized in Spain by Atari as Comecocos , it is a videogame of the most recognizable.Its adaptation for hundreds of platforms makes it a retro jewel that will undoubtedly wear the walls of the most nostalgic.

Vinyl evolution Insert Coin

This vinyl does not refer to a particular video game, but rather to a gamer lifestyle.The already well-known “Insert Coin” on your wall!
But not everything will be antidiluvian options. If there is an icon of this decade that is susceptible to put on walls and in all kinds of supports is Minecraft. The popular video game without a clearly defined objective has conquered millions of young people around the world, which we love, as we see that the retro aesthetic continues to have a stuck between our young.
And for you, what is the reference video game? That you would love to see decorating your living room, hall … Tell us!