Vista on Your Smart Phone

With the iPhone, Apple shows that operate a mobile phone really is fun. Microsoft disappointed with its first Windows Mobile phone and since then rather listless developed Windows Mobile. But now Microsoft wakes up. The updated Windows Mobile 6.1 is designed to provide the iPhone Paroli. We reveal whether it succeeds.
The focus of Windows Mobile is the ease of use of the equipment. But also advanced messaging features and a revised version of the mobile Internet Explorer main new features include. In May the first smart phones based on Windows Mobile to 6.1 in Germany on the market – likely come from T-Mobile.
The Quick Entry
Users will notice especially the new startup screen. Important functions such as entering a new appointment in the calendar, writing an SMS, or sending an E-Mail should be accessible with one click. Submenus should thus eliminates the annoying hanging. The home screen is also only a few steps up to the “getting started Center”, with the user the Smartphone set up. So, about the user can change the appearance of the user interface or set up Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections.
Task Manager Included
Currently, Windows Mobile may not properly terminate applications: clicks of the user on the close button is pushed the application window in the background-the application will continue to run and consume resources unnecessarily. Now, Microsoft wants to integrate for the first time a task manager to exit programs completely. This also shows how much disk space and CPU usage the application load the system. Previously, you had to install tools from third-party manufacturers for these tasks.
SMS Chat
With Windows Mobile 6.1 can be separately set up multiple email accounts, to separate such as private and business mail. Setting up Outlook Mobile to expire without any problems, because the mail client brings already pre-built settings for Hotmail, Yahoo mail, GMX and other account – email address and enter password is sufficient. SMS will be displayed in the future more individually, but linked to previous messages to an entertainment – similar to a chat with instant messengers. It is however still awkward at the same time to send a message as an SMS and email: to the text in the Clipboard must be copied and inserted into the other application.
Internet Explorer Mobile 6
As a special feature, Windows Mobile 6.1 is designed to provide a new browser. The Internet Explorer Mobile 6 is only supplied at the end of the year. He will support Adobe Flash and Microsoft Silverlight and represent thus interactive websites and Web videos from YouTube or MSN video. Also H. 264-encoded videos should not be a problem. First presentations have also shown that even the most complex HTML Web pages are displayed correctly. Especially when combined with a wide display, as there is about the Sony Ericsson X 1, Microsoft’s promise could be true to see no difference between desktop PC and Smartphone. The new zoom feature that displays only selected excerpts of an Internet site that helps smaller displays.
Part Of The Corporate Network
The Mobile Device Manager 2008 users integrate your Windows Mobile Smartphone on the corporate network. Administrators can add to the device as an Active Directory or hedge it via Group Policy. Just like desktops or notebooks mobile phone should be a part of the network – also if the user on the go is even. Via mobile VPN, smartphones to establish a secure connection to the corporate network via the mobile network or Wi-Fi.
Windows Mobile 6.1 will the mobile market sure not revolutionize. But it makes a sophisticated impression and sense developed viable approaches of his predecessor. It may be stretched on the Internet Explorer Mobile 6, which for now to give the look and feel of a desktop PC with Flash and Silverlight support.The idea to connect to SMS to a conversation thread, also helps to keep the overview. We will learn how the new mobile Windows actually proved in practice, if the first devices are available.