Volvo Reflective Ink Illuminates Bikes at Night

Cycling at night can be quite dangerous if you don’t use reflective materials or lights to attract the attention of cars. But the Swedish assembler Volvo, who has always been focused on the safety of their vehicles, has created a special ink that can dispense with the use of these products.
According to zipcodesexplorer, called LifePaint, the ink can be sprayed on bikes, clothing, headlight and helmets in order to make them shine when illuminated by the headlights of a car. The project was developed in partnership with the ad agency Gray London and the Albedoo100.
The Volva car UK is releasing the ink along with the slogan: “The best way to survive a collision is not to collide” and states that more than 19000 cyclists are injured every year in car-based city.
Oddly enough, the LifePaint is not really a spray paint. She is completely invisible during the day and becomes reflective at night. Moreover, the material is leadable and a single application lasts about 10 days. It does not alter the colours of any material and suffice it to be washed to leave completely without leaving a stain.
For now, the spray is only being made available in six cycling shops on the outskirts of the British cities of London and Kent in the form of a popularity test with consumers. If he is well, the company may consider an international release.
The LifePaint can be applied to many other things, such as backpacks, shoes, dog collars, among others. It has the potential to improve the security of a series of activities that are made outdoors and at night.
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