Wall Decoration Coffee and Tea

Beautiful wall tattoos coffee or tea!

Stylish and beautifully designed wall tattoos on coffee and tea!
You like tea and / or coffee and would like to try a new type of wall decoration? Then get to know Wandtattoo Coffee or Wandtattoo Tee!
Wall tattoos are now available in many shapes and colors and the theme of enjoyment has been taken up with the wall decoration coffee or tea.You can choose from a variety of styles, colors, coffee or tea varieties, as well as fonts, and simply conjure your favorite drink to the wall and bring new whistles into your kitchen or living room.The tattoos are inexpensive, robust and easy to apply and replace.

How does the order work?How do I find my matching wall tattoo?

On the homepage you can easily select your favorite motif, determine the color and choose the size. If you are insecure you can even request a free test sticker to make the choice of quality and color easier. No risk. So you like your finished Wandtattoo Coffee or Wandtattoo Tee destined!
The scope of delivery also includes a gluing line and an exercise sticker.So your wall decorating coffee or tea becomes a children’s game!

The agony of choice is also found in the wall decoration:

For the individual wall tattoos, 47 colors are available from gold yellow to mint to copper. Since everyone is satisfied and your new Wandtattoo Coffee or Wandtattoo tea pleases.
The producer also thought of the transport.The wall decoration coffee or tea comes in a well packaged and stable cardboard, so that your wall tattoo can not happen and everything comes home safely.

Walltattoos are practical, everyday and thoughtful:

The tattoos stickers by Craftinlearning, as long as the substrate is free of dust, grease and silicone, are water-resistant and dirt-repellent and – should it once no longer please – detach easily.
The foil itself lures itself to its base, so that your Wandtattoo Coffee or Wandtattoo tea looks like painted and therefore particularly handsome!
To ensure that the foil always looks fresh, the wall decoration coffee or tea is always produced after ordering and not kept in stock.
My conclusion to walltattoos: With the wall decoration coffee or tea you gain completely new possibilities to redesign your whole apartment or individual rooms.In doing so, the effort and the costs remain small, the design possibilities are very large and do not like it anymore, you can exchange it or replace it.So go to the spring cleaning and try it out!
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