Wall Stickers and Wall Art

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You will never feel unsatisfied by viewing a room in your home? You never want to revolutionize the environment or add a special that would give character and style? Never seen a wall strips down and consider how you might decorate it?
I you. I hate anonymous environments and “clean”, so that in my house I didn’t want to just one room with walls totally white. White is a color that
gives me the feeling of sterile environment and not expressive, bare walls I see them as an immaculate notebook sheet … You must write or draw over pHy that paper can communicate something.
Some time ago I found a site that has piqued my interest, is called Dekoidea and is the most known brand shop Crearreda, inventor of decorative stickers for walls then calls” TaccaStacca” and now referred to as wall stickers, wall decals, wall decorations or stickers.
Then as now, the company’s goal is unchanged: to offer quality décor, unique design and sophisticated, practical to apply, absolutely beautiful, imaginative and well finished, all at reasonable costs.
The stickers provided by Foodanddrinkjournal are all Made in Italy because the company has always been the creativity of both established and emerging designers.
On Dekoidea it is impossible not to find some tantalizing idea or a project of decoration that you had in mind for some time.
The offer is wide and varied and we find decorative stickers for every taste, style and size.
There are small stickers that can be useful to decorate an object or a small portion, there are great decorations that cover an entire wall, you may choose subjects or environment or material, because there are also decorations made of special materials such as Cork, jute, velvet, silk, mirror and others.
The Dekoidea are made with safe and high-quality materialsare non-toxic, the glue of that secure food and therefore, almost everyone can be washed, the prints are perfect with high definition graphics and the colors are bright and clean.
To bring color, game and joy in children’s rooms, you can choose from many fantasy objects and s cartoons like Disney brand, not forgetting the fantastic decorations markers that glow in the dark, which, you know, have a double function, because in addition to decorate, soothe children and reconcile their sleep by helping them to not fear the darkness.
For their Dekoidea has created beautiful stickers (some even glitterati) with the most famous and beloved of yesterday and today; Winnie The Pooh, Cars, Spiderman, Batman , Hello Kitty, the Princesses, Tali, Mickey Mouse are just some of the many characters.
Not just bumper stickers for their children’s bedrooms, but also small furnishing accessories such as hanger quaint, lamps with characters, three-dimensional shapes and metres growth in rubber, to decorate and furnish without setting limits to the imagination.
Would you like to decorate the wall behind the couch, or that of the bedroom right above the headboard?Here is what Dekoidea offers us many ideas to customize the environment with elegance, inspiration and sympathy.
What you see here on the left belongs to Deluxe decoration that you differnziano from others not only in design but also for the materials they are made of.
It is in fact a jute decoration that I bring as an example because it is one of my favorites, I would love to see applied to the wall where rests the headboard of my bed, I would very well, I only have to do a patient work of convincing husband … He, when you is walls, professional deformation I imposes ban on taking any action and any action should be “carefully thought out” … is never going to ruin the wall!
Of course I explained to him that the stickers to Dekoidea not ruin the surfaces that you can remove and replace, the adhesive is of type attacks + lift but he’s always so stubborn, I will have to “grind him” for good!
Ill be going I could pour my craving for Dekoidea on some doors.
On the site are also offered a variety of decorations, capable of transforming them into real works of art.
This solution I see perfect for those low spacious where you do not have free walls to hang paintings or anything and therefore you could turn the door itself within a framework, customizing an environment lacking in details and making it interesting and admirable.
With small stickers that you can decorate objects the furnishing, retrieve them by giving them a new look and new life.
On this I have total freedom and the ones you see in the picture are some stickers Dekoidea what I mean soon.
My mind is still processing, I have some idea but for now just sketched, from autumn onwards that my creativity gaining momentum, also I have more time, so I refer these sketches of ideas to weeks of early fall, hoping that in the meantime has been able even to convince her husband to that beautiful mural (in that case I will update).
For the moment I’m satisfied of gracious that I applied my bathtub faucets around the Group; Oh no, not the cheerful and playful?
Dekoidea is present on the main social networks:
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and on the website where you can do comfortably online purchases
The pictures you have seen on this page are a selection of what most caught my interest and met my taste.
On the site there are so many articles and many ideas that will be virtually impossible not to be read by craving by “stickersmania”; I invite you to pay a visit on the website to discover these and other proposals, awed.
I conclude by stressing once again the quality of products, their non-toxicity, beauty and care with which are also the most minutes.