Wall Stickers Decoration Ideas

Suggestion to make your own decoration stickers for festive Christmas
Customizing your holiday window decoration is even simpler and more fun today, when almost everyone has access to a printer and everyone is free to print their own decorative patterns on sticker paper at home or in the office. The paper mill opposite.
Stickers for decoration of Christmas glass in shade of blue
This way of proceeding also allows us to play with colors and choose the best shades depending on the landscape outside.
How to decorate your windows for Christmas with a film imitating the appearance of a surface covered with gel
Another similar possibility: adorn its windows with a window film. This solution will certainly seduce those who like the effect of the picturesque creations of nature in winter and who would like to imitate the effect of the gel on the windows.
Decorate her windows for Christmas with red letter-shaped stickers
Painting on glass is a technique that will allow you to get an effect very similar to that produced by Christmas stickers. It is also one of the least laborious methods to try to make ornaments truly unique for its windows.
Example of window decoration for Christmas with white paint
In addition to snowflake drawings, symbols of the birth of Christ such as white doves and fir trees, you can use this technique to write interesting messages: the lyrics of your favorite Christmas songs, greetings for Party …
Self-adhesive stickers placed on a glass for the holidays
But according to Mysteryaround, the Christmas stickers and the painting are not the only way to beautify its windows during the period of end of the year.
Decoration of house windows for the holiday season with green crown
In fact, wreaths and garlands that are used throughout his home during this period are also an excellent choice for a successful Christmas window decoration.
Christmas wreath in red and white paper for kitchen decoration 
Of course, you can buy artificial crowns ready to be placed on your windows.
Dining area with windows decorated with natural crowns for Christmas
Another option would be to make your own original crowns by using a round support (wood, metal or plastic), a few ribbons, a little rope and branches of a type of foliage plant persistent.
Idea for making a Christmas window decoration yourself: natural wreaths and red garlands
The window decoration with Christmas crown is sometimes completed by one or two garlands of shades that match those on the crowns.
Original garlands for window panes and window decoration with small figurines and Christmas balls 
Other people prefer to use garlands alone, hanging them close to their windows to complete the festive atmosphere in their homes. The picture above shows two garlands of this kind: one is made of fun little figurines, the other of Christmas balls in the typical shades of the festival.
Picture of light garland with star figurines for window decoration and party interior
Light garlands are often used for decoration of Christmas windows of this kind, especially because they give our windows a very inviting and very nice appearance once night falls.
Idea of ​​manual activity to decorate its windows in winter: realize a garland of paper
It is also possible to make its own decorative Christmas decoration garlands. In the photo above, an example of a garland easy to make with the technique of art origami.
Christmas DIY Ideas and Window Decorations for the Holidays
And on this picture, another suggestion of decorative garland for windows and windows to make oneself for Christmas.
Christmas decoration for windows with garland in balls and transparent threads
This fairly quick DIY project only requires Christmas balls of a color that harmonizes with the rest of your ornaments and some transparent rope.