Wall Tattoo Polka Dots and Stars

Spot Landing – Polka Dots as a wall decoration

Looking for a change of scenery?Maybe some more color to the wall or new pictures hang?Especially women often have the need to decorate their four walls and refresh something.And since the walls dominate the living space, something has to be changed.Whatever is more modern and trendy are the slightly different wall decorations like wallstickers and wall tattoos.This not only eliminates the elaborate renovation, painting or buying new pictures and posters.This type of wall decoration is perhaps the most versatile and varied way to transform the apartment into something new.Meanwhile, every trend is reflected in wall tattoos and wall stickers .

More popular: Wandtattoos

Specially walltattoos are on the list of the most decorative wall coverings with the largest selection of motifs and patterns at the top.This may be due to the fact that walltattoos in good quality give the impression that they were printed directly on the wall.But also the huge selection of motifs, the easy and clean attachment as well as the interchangeability bring many advantages.Thus the wall decoration is guaranteed for everyone.Walltattoos are nothing more than self-adhesive films, usually made of vinyl film, which are easy to apply, but also easy to peel off.For walltattoos of good quality is a long durability given.They are particularly suitable for flat and smooth surfaces, but are also a good option for embellishment for rougher surfaces, such as raindrops.Wall tattoos are thin and appear to be wall-mounted as printed, or just tattooed on the wall.

Pünktchen in the game

In hbbltd.com, the trend has long been present – the so-called polka dots wall stickers.Traditionally held in red-white or black-and-white, they have covered the bodies of celebrities and ordinary consumers since last year.Now this trend is also a bomb.Especially as wall tattoos, they are now very popular.Especially points are timeless and offer a lot of decoration.For example, you can combine large and small points, thus making your walls unique.In the color selection, woman can really let off steam.The Polka Dots are not only in the traditional look, but also out-of-date, kunterbunt and in all possible sizes.But what makes the Polka Dots?The origin of the term is controversial.He can be traced back to the polka dance and connected with joy and movement.In addition, there is the theory that the term “polka” comes from Czech and can be translated as “little woman” or “girl”.The Polka Dots stand for the playful and maidens.
No matter how you turn it and turn, the Polka Dots express a lot. They can look both elegant and girlish at the same time. Points are very simple, but still beautiful and playful. Depending on how they are used, they can express many characteristics: from playful and wild to elegant to extravagant and girlish. So there is the Wandtattoo points and circles Polka Dots, the Wandtattoo in confetti optics or also the Wandtattoo for points of other kind, for example in the retro-style or as circles and Kringle. The most popular are the Wandtattoo with the simple Polka Dots as well as the Wandtattoo in confetti optics. But be sure: with the matching wall tattoos you can conjure your very personal point design to the wall.
If you decide for the wall tattoo with polka dots, the wall tattoo in confetti optics or the wall tattoo of points of a different kind, you can let your creativity run free.Since the dots are informal and simple, the choice of color and size allows for a lot of room for personal wall decoration.The combination of polka dots and wall tattoos is ideal.Both are simple and can give a lot of pleasure.Walltattoos as a way of wall design are simply fun, because they are easy to offer and have something for every individual taste.So it is not always necessary to paint or to renovate.If you decide for the Polka Dots, this definitely conjures a very special view into your own four walls.