Wall Tattoo with Swarovski Crystals

Wall tattoo with Swarovski crystals

Wandtattoos are a wonderful idea to decorate your own home individually and impressively.If you are also of this opinion and also have a taste for all things that glitter, then you might consider a wall tattoo with Swarovski.Such a wall tattoo is not only a special design element, but it also brings color into the home – in a girlish way.

For which rooms and surfaces is a wall tattoo with Swarovski?

The glittering wall tattoo can be applied on any sufficiently uniform wall in the interior.For on exterior walls – which generally have no suitable smooth surface – the weather influences are much too great.And there is therefore not only the risk that the wall tattoo will dissolve quickly.Make sure that you wait about three weeks after painting the wall until you can install your wall tattoo.In addition, the substrate must be free of dust, grease, silicone and latex.A test sticker is attached to each delivery.When you install your wall tattoo by choosing a suitable interior wall, you can enjoy it for a long time.Which wall will be left to your personal taste as long as the surface is sufficiently smooth.Many people love walltattoos over the sofa or the bed.It also creates an appealing effect in the living space.

Swarovski wall tattoos for children

Especially girls are often fascinated by all glittering things.That’s why you can also use the Swarovski wall tattoos to make a child’s room especially appealing.With it, colorful children’s tapestries can be dispensed with, since it can already produce a beautiful effect on the white wall.Fasten it best at a place where it is hit at a favorable angle by the sun.Thus, the glitter effect comes into its own.The motifs are all that children can enjoy.These mainly include animals and child-care drawings.

A wall tattoo with Swarovski correct attach and detach

The wall tattoo with Swarovski stones differs from other wall tattoos only by its self-adhesive wall stickers from Aceinland. To each wall tattoo with Swarovski you get 12 crystals of different sizes.This allows you to decide where you want to apply the glitter effect.They apply it in the same way as other tattoos.Look for a sufficiently smooth, dry and clean surface.Select the location where the wall tattoo should sit, beforehand carefully.And make sure that the tattoo does not hit any waves when mounting.For large wall tattos, this is best when you ask someone to help.Each wall tattoo can also be removed without residue.
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