Walltattoo Children's Room For Girls

Wall tattoo in the children’s room

With a walltattoo, a neutral-styled room becomes a very personal room.At a time when children usually have their own room, such a wall tattoo in the children ‘s room (or even several) offers a wonderful possibility to design the room according to the wishes of the small occupants.

  • Nice
  • Good value
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to remove again
  • Individually

The Walltattoos are self-adhesive plastic films with pictures, which can be glued with a few handgrips.

The wall tattoo for girls

Usually, there are worlds between the taste of little girls and the boys’ taste of the design wishes for their children’s room.Especially for girls there is a large and very versatile collection of tattoos for the walls, which make the room a real dream room for young girls.No matter what stage they are in – there is definitely a matching wall tattoo for girls.Fairies, butterflies, elves, princesses, fairy-tale-locks or unicorns for younger girls;A little later, young ladies tend to prefer horses or even a small frog king when they think about kissing for the first time …
The wall pictures serve on the one hand as decorative decoration.With the selective selection of colors you can put beautiful design accents.Alone the rooms are significantly upgraded.
In addition, the small owners of the children ‘s rooms can easily project themselves into their own dream world with the help of wall pictures.The adhesive films with their motifs stimulate the imagination and make the girls feel really at home in their home environment.

When the taste changes

Little girls grow quickly – and just as quickly changes their taste: Where fairies were a fantastic wall design yesterday, they can mutate to an absolute embarrassment tomorrow, which the resident of the designed room can not stand.What a lucky thing that a wall tattoo is not only easy to apply but can also be removed!Thus, the girl’s room can change his face without any great effort as desired.
Wall tattoo with saying Little rider
Wallsticker Set Fairies with butterflies
Wall tattoo for girls with owl and tree
Wallsticker set Forest with elk and mushrooms
Wallsticker set with tree and birds
Wallsticker set with dragon and flowers