Watch the Eyebrows

Some beautiful eyebrows and arranged frame the face and give you a more careful. In fact, when “worked” as best I can improve and the your aspect, so never underestimate.
If you dedicate a few minutes of your time everyday to take care of the eyebrows will be amazed at the difference. Will seem instantly more new, fresh and light. Best of all is that it is extremely simple and easy to take care of them.
Check out right away some tips to take care of the eyebrows and make her beautiful.

  • If you’ve never done the eyebrows or think that the current format have not fits your face, so we recommend that you use the services of a professional salon, spa or Salon. Can’t risk doing home alone, but how novice the results can be disastrous, and remember that the hair of the eyebrows take some time to grow. After it was done the first time by an expert, can keep the same format, removing eyebrow hairs that are growing over time.
  • Choose a format of eyebrow that complements the traits of your face. Generally, women with round faces look good with eyebrows arch shaped well defined, while those that have square faces should opt for thicker eyebrows with a slight bow. If you are not sure which format of eyebrow that you will get better, ask your beautician.
  • Many women forget the detail that we’re going to mention now. It’s important not to forget that all superfluous hairs in the part just above the eyebrow should also be shaved. If you do not have this important care, run the risk of sounding like I don’t shave the eyebrows and I just stood in the middle of the process. It is no good to have a eye brow well shaved and with a beautiful bow, if at the top will be unsightly hair completely depleting your beauty. So don’t forget this detail!
  • Once you have the eyebrows well waxed, get an eyebrow pencil at in a tone similar to the color of his hair, a brush/eyebrow comb and a good pair of tweezers. Daily before putting on makeup, take the time to remove the excess hair with tweezers. Use the brush/comb to give the desired format to the eyebrow and use the pencil to cover the failures and make the uniform format. The pencil is especially useful if you have the eyebrows thinner.