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[Sponsored post] – compared to other pieces of jewelry the Bracelet Watch is a fairly young accessory. In the 20th century, she was rare and little was noticed especially by men, since she was considered a feminine fashion. Thanks to the functional benefits of heroic missions, the tide has turned.
Convincing appearance of the gentleman, a stylish timepiece should not be missed. The online store has an appealing choice for men and women uhrcenter ready. A look at the collection of the brand name and the range of mens jewelry is worth rummaging in the virtual shop. – experienced specialist for jewelry and watches based in Baden-Württemberg

uhrcenter is located in Böblingen and no newcomer to the market. The roots go back to the year 1973, where the company as a wholesale dealer for jewelers was founded. As a competent partner for specialty stores uhrcenter has a high degree of experience in the service and a flair for appealing Collections. This competence is reflected in the presentation of online shops for watches and in friendly dealing with customers.
Since 1999 is uhrcenter online actively and welcomes more than 750,000 customers. This respectable resonance can be traced back not least on the extensive range of 8,000 articles from the portfolio of around a hundred brands.
Some brands at

  • Hugo Boss
  • Gant
  • Alpina
  • Michael Kors
  • Festina
  • Estura (private label)
  • Maserati
  • Junghans
  • Dugena

By no means, the online shop bundles only the offers of from various labels, whose Modelle be ordered only after receipt of the order. Actually about ninety percent of watches and jewellery in stock of the Baden-Württemberg company are. Accordingly, discovered favorite pieces are available for immediate delivery and nimble land in the hands of customers.

Compelling mix of exclusive pieces of jewellery, discreet wrist watches and fashion statements

uhrcenter is not only limited to the most precious chronograph from Swiss manufacturers such z.B OMEGA, but offers watches in different price segments. Remains of the fashion-conscious customers left, how much they would invest in the functional piece of jewelry.
All presented collections, whose stylistic Charakteristiken are as diverse as the financial aspects are of high quality. With understated elegance, for example, the collection of Junghans convinced while fans of technology can be a chronograph from the dance by Seiko in the eye. The first class watches of the Swiss manufacturer Alpina and Victorinox are equally represented.
The top brands of men’s fashionmodels are also worth seeing. Fresh and sporty boss Orange’s design, whereas diesel that captured the heart of the extravagant estates and ESPRIT will appeal to lovers of subtle’s Dressup sets. Grooved wood with watches from character Sandalwood is one of the unusual labels in the uhrcenter.

The own brand of uhrcenter – distinctive and sophisticated models of Estura

In addition to the collection of traditional factories and trendy brands uhrcenter offers models private label Estura on. The portfolio of the Böblingen company has very different and authentic designs.
If of stylish and yet a track can be striking, which is worth zoom on the men’s watch Estura Rocketman (see picture). The stainless steel case harmonises perfectly with the Maroon leather band with a satin Rosé gold. The dial is expressive power and functionality with three ads for date, day of the week and phase of the moon.
With a modern style, the men’s watch, however, convinced big shot. The fine leather strap joins color the simple dial, surrounded by the cool elegance of the stainless steel housing. The hands of the clock with Swiss quartz movement distinguish themselves through their shape and coating with Super-Luminova. Also in beige or with a Brown dial with solarisation is available.

Men’s jewellery with technical finesse

uhrcenter focuses not only on the timepiece. The online shop has a successful range of jewellery for men and women. This begnüt is the range for men with a few copies, as is the case with some other jewelers.
The portfolio of men’s jewelry is impressive and should fascinate even the jewelry critics rarely reaching for chains or rings. While the collection of trendor with aesthetic necklaces and bracelets made of gold or silver covers the exclusive taste in men’s accessories, the collection of master points out a masculine design and their sophistication.
The rings, amulets and charms combine decorative accessories with practical tools in innovative ways. So a spirit level or a Worldtimer hides behind the simple send Mr rings at the same time. Amulets, which are at the same time as a sundial and compass or as Feng-Shui-disc and Astro-disc offer insightful information are equally exciting.
When it comes to sporty chic, worthwhile browsing in the collections of fossil and diesel. Fossil offers an appealing range of silver jewelry in addition to simple leather bracelets for men. The prestigious label of jeans has a confident statement in particular the casual wear.

Online-shop uhrcenter shines with great selection, high skills and good service

uhrcenter convinces with its extensive product range and service. Because most of the pieces of jewelry and watches in stock, the delivery takes place within a short time. Already at a low minimum order of 40 euros, the shipping is free. In addition, the Böblingen company offers purchase on invoice. Therefore, the virtual address for watches and men’s accessories worth a bookmark which pays off even when searching for a gift for your sweetheart.
The portfolio of women’s watches and jewellery for women is equally appealing via In addition to the current top brands can be detect unusual designer pieces, where the gentleman about a positive feedback is happy.