We Found the Perfect Bikinis for Those with Hip Drop

The variety of models in bikinis is immense, but it is essential to realize that not everyone favors all kind of silhouette. Learn what the best for those with hip drop.
Open bathing season is synonymous with beach, Sun and … bikinis! These are the stars of the summer, the key piece that make you feel sexy every time you go to the beach or the pool. However, it is important to know that there are more or less suitable for each type of silhouette. In this case, we speak of perfect bikinis for those with hip drop.
The hip is a characteristic triangular body, i.e. people with wide hip tend to have a longer torso. In this sense, find sets is not always easy and, therefore, it is advisable to buy individual pieces and the conjugate. And believe me you can well sets.
In order to facilitate life, show you 5 models perfect for those with wide hip it finds in the Sport Zone.

The 5 perfect bikinis for those with hip drop

Forget the ties

… at least the sides! Ties, us or side rings are not welcome in a hip. For very cute they are, to use one of these models, you will create the opposite effect to that intended.
However, the rule does not address all the areas of underwear. As an example that you don’t have to give up the links and patterns, talked him out of two models of Sport Zone that underpin our Tip!
Deeply Paisley
The Deeply Paisley, besides a bow in the front, there’s still a pattern within the pastel colours and is easily combined with a single-color top.
Price: €17.99
Deeply Hibiscus White
And because the rule does not apply to frills, we suggest the Deeply White Hibiscus, from the Sport Zone. The frills are a good alternative to bonds and can be included in bikinis perfect for hip drop.
Price: €17.99

Take one and put

Following the rejection of the lateral links, opt for bikinis with wide sides. Perfect bikinis for those with wide hip must, in addition to being single, wide strap, be dark color or only.
In Sport Zone finds this model quite easily:
ATD Underwear Bikini Drini Lady
This ATD Underwear Bikini Drini Lady meets all the requirements: it is a basic underwear and with wide sides that can combine with a more colorful.
However, and since there is no rule without exception, this model also in white and blue.
Price: €4.99
Deeply Belly
Following the line of wide sides and only, show you the Deeply Belly: has only one lateral Strip, wide, but with a small effect that gives you an extra and help storm on the beach.
Price: €15.99

Underwear slightly dug in the back

The bikini underwear perfect for hip is ideally dug in the back and the side width of this model must have 2 fingers wide.
Deeply Suri
The Sport Zone not in failure and it is also easy to find this model in their stores. Basic underwear, tape only, with two fingers wide and slightly dug in the back, the Deeply Suri passes with distinction in our search for the perfect bikinis for her hip.
Price: €15.99