Wedding Church Decoration: 6 Infallible Tips

It does not matter if the church is already ornamented or a simple chapel that pleases your heart since childhood. Brides always want to put on a special decoration for the ceremony and leave the venue more with their style.
And we help, of course! Wedding church decoration is something that can be a simple detail or a true scenario depending on the budget of the couple and the availability of the place. No matter what you like best, read our tips before you close anything.

Use Simple Flowers

How about going to a flower wholesaler, a greenhouse, or even the local grocery store? They are places where you can discover new flowers and arrangements more to your liking than in companies specializing in decoration that are likely to offer more traditional options. Go to alternatives.
Often a delicate arrangement made only with seasoned flowers bound with a ribbon combine much more with your ceremony than elaborate arrangements.

Invest In Pots

Instead of pure and simple flowers, how about investing in pots? This trend began after the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. For them a true English garden was created inside the church.
You can achieve the same effect using cutting plants placed in elegant glass vases if you do not want to use soil. Mini trees scattered along the central corridor or on the sides are also very charming.

Wear A Lot Of Tulle

The advantage is that it can be bought in batches that make the product cheaper. And it can be used in many ways. One, depending on the availability of the place, is to create a canopy effect with the tulle.
Just hold several in the center of the ceiling and pull the bands to the sides. Or use an appropriate framework for it. The tulle can also be pinned on benches and chairs forming arches in the rows that give the runners. A simpler way to use the material is to create a ribbon for the floral arrangements.

Decorate Only The Altar

This is a good option for anyone who does not want to spend a lot of money on church decorating for marriage. And it is very worthwhile especially if the place is already naturally beautiful. All you will need is a beautiful and striking arrangement at the altar, where the bride and groom will be.

Use Candles

They are cheaper than flower arrangements and, depending on the church, will make the place more romantic. Generally, the locals do not oppose this type of decoration, as long as everything is done safely.
To do this, plan for candles to remain inside glass vessels, for example. The important thing is that they can not fall and nothing comes into contact with the fire.

Spread Petals On The Floor

The same flowers that adorn the church pews may be scattered on the floor, especially down the hall of the bride. Flower petals come out cheaper than buying whole arrangements and the visual impact is much greater.