Wedding Invitations: What Should Be Written?

In a double bond, it all starts with the wedding invitations. These are which call for what will probably be the most important event of their lives, the first approach of your guests to the feast, the formal announcement of his marriage… So why not given the attention they deserve? Follow these tips so that your invitations are impeccable.

First, The First Thing:

-The names and surnames of the parents of the bride must be written in the upper left; those of the parents of the groom, in the top right.
-If one of the parents no longer lives, is placed next to their name a small cross.
-The invitation should mention the taste or the honor that parents have to invite to the marriage of their children.
-The names of the bride and groom are usually written in the central part of the invitation according to Internetdict: the bride on the left and the groom, right.
-Below are listed the day, time and place; If you are invited to the religious ceremony you must specify the name of the Church and the name of the priest or pastor who will officiate the ceremony.
-Finally, at the end of the invitation are recorded the name of the city and the State, as well as the year.
Basic Recommendations
-On the flap of the envelope is printed, on the left side, the House of the bride and the right direction, the direction of the groom’s House.
-When you rotules, people’s names should go without titles.
-If it’s adults, preceding the name with Mr. Don or Doña Mrs, whether it’s women who have no spouse; for young people the “don” and “Doña” may be omitted.
-After writing the name is writes “and Lady” or “family”. An example: Mr. Don Ramón Soto and family.
-If you’ve hired a valet parking service, the map is the place to report it.
-Reception card must indicate the type of event that is going to offer in case of not being a banquet (wine of honor, cocktail, toast), the type of clothing and if you want to confirm your attendance (RSVP legend are French acronym meaning “Please confirm your attendance to the event”).
If parents call:
Manuel Vega Sánchez (†) Jose Brijandez sources
Consuelo Mercedes Vega Navarro rivers of Brijandez
They involved the marriage of their children
Manuela And Fernando
And they have the honor to invite you to the wedding ceremony that will be held on Saturday, December 18 at 19 hours in the Temple of San Felipe, Isabel the Catholic 21, historic centre.
He is dignará teach the nuptial blessing R.P. Antonio Fernandez.
City of Mexico, year 2013
Example Of The Reception Card
After the religious ceremony, we appreciate your presence at the show “Kings” of the Spanish Casino, Isabel the Catholic 29, Centro Storico