What are DSLR Cameras

Until not long ago the option of record video with cameras It wouldn’t be something anecdotal. One possibility that was there but few used due to low quality. Despite the resolution when it comes to photos, the video left much to be desired.
Video recording is now a fully functional on most cameras, but especially in the DSLR choice. That’s where most progress has been made due to different factors. And it is that, certainly able to use interchangeable lenses and the combination of sensors with current processors have managed it explodes a new market.

What are DSLR Cameras

Nikon D90 and Canon EOS 5 d Mark II, the origin

If there are two cameras that marked a before and an after in this video with DSLR were the Nikon D90 and the Canon EOS 5 d Mark II.
The model of Nikon was the first DSLR that recorded video in high definition. He did it in 720 p and despite some drawbacks really stressed. Then would come the 5 d Mark II and it was boom! The high-end Canon was capable of capturing 1080 p video with a quality that has been used in numerous professional projects.
From the recording of music videos, TV commercials, episodes of series such as House or movies like Iron Man 2.

Advantages of DSLR cameras with traditional camcorders

The improvements that the cameras have been suffering have been remarkable. They have gone from the 720 p to 1080 p, best processors to handle increasingly more information to more optimal compression formats, enhancements also sensors, systems approach, etc….
That is why for many independent filmmakers and video enthusiasts the possibility of using DSLR cameras has meant a revolution. Quality at a reasonable price in comparison with professional video systems.
Then, we could summarize the following points as advantages of DSLR defined by abbreviationfinder.org:

  • Reduced size and weight.
  • Interchangeable lenses (angle, zoom, control over depth of field, lighting, etc..)
  • Versatility and quality of the recording.

But of course, there are also negative aspects. The size and weight makes that we need some system to stabilize the video (tripods, steadycam, rig,…). It must also take into account the approach that is manual. Finally, the audio is not good and sometimes the built-in microphone captures noise manipulation of the camera or lens by which we will have to resort to external microphones.

With DSLR video recording Guide

In the next few days we’ll see a number of aspects so that anyone who wants to start recording video with a DSLR camera can do it with the best possible results.
Also, all that comment will be (whenever possible) compatible with other cameras with recording video as compact or the so fashionable now cameras with interchangeable lenses or CSC.

Special video on DSLR cameras

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