What Is The Best Sleeping Bag For Me?

There are sleeping bags in many different shapes, sizes and colors. But how do you choose the best model from the vast offer? What is the best sleeping bag for you? It makes quite a difference whether you need a sleeping bag for a lodging or that you are looking for a sleeping bag for winter camping.
In what situation do you use a sleeping bag?
The starting point is always that of the sleeping bag, when and where you use it, is warm enough and comfortable. Unfortunately, there are (still) No sleeping bag, the both at + 35 ° C-15 ° C is perfect. Ask yourself before buying a sleeping bag, when you use the sleeping bag. Only in the summer or even in colder months? In a tent or in the House when you have guests? There are two sleeping bag models: a ceiling sleeping bag and a mummy sleeping bag.

Ceiling sleeping bag
A ceiling sleeping bag has a rectangular shape and is thus as broad as at the bottom at the top. In a sleeping bag of ceiling you have compared to a mummy sleeping bag, more freedom of movement and therefore more sleeping comfort. The width of a ceiling sleeping bag is the average between 80 and 100 cm.
Mummy sleeping bag
A mummy sleeping bag is “leaner” than a ceiling model, because a mummy sleeping bag more or less follows the shape of the body. In addition, it has a hood. Because this sleeping bag immediately after the body, he holds the heat well. Also, you lose much heat over the head as with a ‘normal’ sleeping bag by the hood. Then choose a mummy sleeping bag, camping in a colder period. When compared to a model of the ceiling, there is less freedom of movement in a mummy sleeping bag. A mummy sleeping bag is generally more compact and lighter than a ceiling sleeping bag.
What size do I need for a sleeping bag?
We recommend you to choose a sleeping bag that is greater than 20 to 30 cm longer than you. The width is usually between 80 and 90 cm. A mummy model is narrower and the size varies, because he has a conical shape, E.g. 80/55 cm. In our assortment we have extra long and extra sleeping bags, such as the Eurotrail Perth petrol and our “own” Obelink Monza. For children (àlink to children’s sleep bags) there are also matching models. These are of course shorter and narrower, often with a length of about 160 cm and diameter of 70 cm.
How do you stay warm?
Now we come to the most important issue. Her body is obviously the source of heat, but how hold you now the heat? This is the filling of the sleeping bag essential. We distinguish two types of filling: down and synthetic. We have currently only synthetic sleeping bags in our range. These are filled with plastic fibre and the majority of them with Hollowfibre. These hollow fibers hold the air very well, and in this way you have a first-rate insulation. Let’s go down and synthetic advantages and disadvantages in turn.
Finally, you choose what sleeping bag?
Think before you buy a sleeping bag, about, in whatever situation and circumstances, you will use the sleeping bag. Would you travel light, in the case of a hiking cycling holiday, then is a mummy sleeping bag to recommend. Ride in a hot country, cotton is very pleasant. Do you have almost? Then, the requirements are generally lower. My colleagues and I like to help you to make the right choice!