What Kind Of Shoes To Wear In The Carnival

Who jumps Carnival usually likes to perfect in visual, with clothes taken off or elegant, depending on the type of party you attend. However, when speaking of the feet, we must give priority to comfort, even more if the idea is to fall into the revelry on more than one day. Otherwise, the consequences of the use of a wrong footwear can disrupt your plans. So, to know what kind of shoes to use in Carnival, a separated the top tips for you to make the most of this great party.
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What is the ideal footwear for Carnival

According to experts, who want to fall in the revelry and not suffer the consequences of the wrong footwear can cause, like sore feet and knees, blisters, sprains, tendonitis, sprains (ligament disruption) and even pain and spinal injury, to falls, it is best to use the gym shoes. In addition to being more comfortable, it is possible to compare hours of Mardi Gras with an intense workout at the gym, because the revelers will walk, run, jump and dance, when the shoes are essential.
The comfort of sneakers is guaranteed mainly by the damping system that has, however, he should not tighten the feet in any way. To do so, a tip is to try it before you buy it and then check if there is a plenty of space of at least 0.5 cm from tip to heel. In addition, opt for the tennis it’s important that he has no pressure point, either there’s friction. Plus, your material must ensure ventilation and perspiration of the foot, because, of course, he will sweat.
What other shoes can be used
You don’t give up a more sophisticated footwear for fall in revelry, indicated is to follow the recommendations to avoid the most damaging to your body. Although not the best options, in choosing to use shoe Carnival is preferable that your heel no more than three centimeters in height. If the jump is of type platform, better. Another tip is that the model has the front, thus, the foot has a greater support, which helps to reduce the side effects of using shoes little indicated for jumping the Carnival. Who is already falling into the revelry over a day can intersperse footwear and opt for different types of hops, since all of them are lower.
The flats and sandals, inclusive, the flats are also less damaging options for those who want to fall in the revelry with safety and comfort, since they are soft, which will avoid the appearance of blisters. In this sense, it is not advisable to use a new footwear to skip the Carnival because they tend to be a little soft, especially if the idea is to stay with them for hours. Even when choosing shoes low you have to be careful and avoid the models that make sweaty feet and slippery. In this sense, another tip is to give preference to the rubber soles. The problem of these models is that they do not fit the anatomy of the foot, in addition to not having damping, causing the overload of the feet and knees.
Anabela models can even be part of your visual for the Carnival, since they help to distribute the weight more appropriately on the feet. However, as the high-heeled shoes, can make you fall, even more if you are participating in the street carnival. So, the most appropriate is to whom anabela is in a room or location with the ground more regular, as in. Thicker heels, as the squares, also help to maintain the balance of the revelers. On the other hand, if the jump anabela has more than 10 centimeters can be inevitable pain on sole, since the weight of the body is transferred to the front, in addition to cause imbalance.
Why not wear high heels in the Carnival
The problem of wear high heels to skip the Carnival, plus he could lock between the Cobbles, if the party is on the street, which can lead to breakage of the jump and even your fall on the ground, is that your use causes the weight of the body to concentrate fully on the front of the foot, once it raises too much heel. However, if you still not convinced it’s not a good idea to use the high heels, at least merge the your use with other, more comfortable footwear.
A model does not also indicated, however, less evil, is half a foot, because your platform in front helps keep your feet more comfortable. Anyway, which is not worth jumping the Carnival barefoot, which besides hurt can hurt your feet because the objects all over the floor. The tendons and ligaments can also be compromised. Even if the party is on the beach, the best in this case is to use slipper or sandal.
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