What LED Bulb to Choose

For several years considering the purchase of LED bulbs (also called LED) for some lamp shades at home. Basically like savings in the sense to do the same (or more) amount of work with less resources, not in the sense of “deprivation”. So for a long time use energy saving bulbs and question time it was to go on LED lamps.

What LED Bulb to Choose
The main reason to delay this time changing the “normal” lamps with LED bulbs was that I could not find a light that I like. I have tried several times with LED lights, which, however, although described characteristic “warm yellow light” real light is not liked. But I think the technology has sufficiently advanced, and after another attempt to purchase quality in LED Bulbs from this store (or fans kuitayskite shops – this), things have already come into place. Will share their experiences below, with the idea that you may be useful when choosing your LED Bulbs from ledbulbbay.
When choosing LED lighting we must consider what kind of light we want to get. The light spectrum of different light sources (standard incandescent bulbs, energy saving bulbs, LED lamps) is measured using the unit Kelvin (meaning with the K). This is called color temperature of light.
As the color temperature is lower, so more yellow (warmer) is emitted light. Conversely, the more Kelvin, the blue (colder) is the light emitted by the respective luminaire.
Each bulb has a corresponding designation in Kelvins, and a description in words on light (color temperature), which broadcast. Accordingly, we can choose from the following types of light:
Warm white (yellow) light (2700-3500K): The warm light (yellowing) is closest to the light emitted by ordinary incandescent bulbs. It is believed that it does not burden the eyes, and the most often used in homes.
Daylight (meeting as and neutral light – 4000-4200K): It is closest to daylight, from where comes its name. It is widely used in offices and public buildings.
White (pure white, cold white light – 5500-6500K): As its name suggests, this light has a white-blue hue. Used outdoors, in combination with daylight as well as in places where need more real color representation – offices, shops, boutiques and more.
The good thing of LED bulbs is that they lack the period lamp so unpleasant characteristic of energy saving. And even better is that unlike normal incandescent lamps, LED bulbs do not heat up.
Now, armed with this information, you can look at the huge selection of LED Lamps in store.
To be a little more clearly and useful explanation of the color temperature, I found a very nice picture that adapting the Bulgarian.
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