What Shoes to Wear with a Long Skirt

In summer as in winter, the long skirt is a must in our closets, and it is essential to grant it with the best shoes. Heeled or flat, shoes or sneakers, all is to associate the appropriate shoes with the desired look and its own morphology.

My long skirt: heels or nothing!

They are needles, discreet, thick or compensated, vertiginous heels can bring a certain outfit to your favorite long skirt as described in allcitycodes.com. According to those you choose, your look will feature a class touch or casual, to adapt your outputs, work or evening. No way for sell you to your heels to wear long skirt? Nothing forbids you to 12 cm stilettos. To remain consistent, your skirt must be also dressed as your shoes: on the style, whether your long skirt is fluid, split, right, printed or United, the important thing is that she follow the sophistication of your excessive heels. Wedge shoes, sandals or clogs, directly refer you to the 70’s, and allow you to keep a slender while being able to move comfortably. For hooves, the maxi-jupes and fluid and light materials are to be preferred to stay well matched with your shoes: feel free to bet on the flowery prints that bring a bit of freshness to your look.

My long skirt: flat for added comfort

Because it is not necessary to wear a long skirt only to a posh party, most of us can afford to wear no heels. Well Yes, as nature has not spoiled the girls in the same way, the small silhouettes may be given a “packed” effect if they prefer not heels in a long skirt. If, instead, you have the chance to be great, fine and slender, vary the pleasures wearing flat shoes with your long skirt. Ballerinas, sneakers, shoes, flat sandals, flip flops…, depending on your output, flat shoes may well finish your outfit. Even if the fluid skirts can perfectly live with these models. Why not try skirts more close to the body? Shape tube, very pleasant in summer, ideally married all your flat shoes. Although this model suits best to thin silhouettes, this both simple and casual style is a great value in your wardrobe.

My long skirt: in boots for a quirky aspect

Looking for a casual look and trendy? The first parts not designed to combine offset is at the forefront of modernity. To highlight your bucolic side keeping your soul of city car, the long skirt associated with low-boots or boots can enhance any outfit. A chic bohemian look at mid-season when he is not hot enough to get out your flip-flops is ideal. Exacerbate your folk personality by taking advantage of the softness of the evenings of spring with your flowing long skirt, and add a jacket denim or leather for a still more contemporary effect. Loose style lined boots are also a highlight to enhance a bland long skirt.