What to Expect from Apple's Special Event

With live stream over the Internet, from 14 hours (Eastern time), Apple performs tomorrow, September 7, a special event in the city of San Francisco, in the United States. Like every year, Apple is expected to launch a top-of-the-line smartphone, among other new features.
The event only occurs tomorrow, but we here on the Net workshop we here some news that should be presented by the technology giant. Check out.
iPhone and iPhone 7 Plus 7
The biggest expectation revolves around the release of the iPhone and iPhone 7 Plus 7. Since the beginning of the year several rumors about the smartphone features top of the line already circulating on the internet, as the absence of connector for headphones and the possibility of the appliance come with two cameras back. In this article, we give you 7 tips of what to expect from your smartphone. Be sure to check.
Apple Watch 2
The second version of the Apple smart clock should be released tomorrow. The expectation is that she shows no major changes in design compared to the first Apple Watch. Its thickness must be a little thinner. The improvements, according to the blog MacRumors, must be in your most internal, with a more powerful processor, a larger battery, GPS functionality and a barometer.
The GPS functions and barometer will allow navigation capabilities and best monitoring of physical activities, without requiring that the user is near the iPhone. Already the battery of the watch must be 35% larger, which is essential to offset the inclusion of GPS.
The expectation is that the clock be faster, since the first version was slower than it should.
Software Release Dates
During the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), in June this year, Apple introduced the iOS 10, MacOS Sierra, tvOS 10 and the third version of the OS from Apple Watch. Now, in September, Apple should announce the official release date of the software, that is, from when they are available to the general public.
Rumors are that the iOS 10 due to be released two days before the iPhone 7. The smartphone is expected to reach the market in 16 or 23 September day, the tenth version of the OS should be available on day 14 or 21 September. The WatchOS 3 is to be released on the same day of iOS 10.
MAC software updates already historically have been released only at the end of the month that the iOS is released, porting, MacOS Sierra should not reach consumers before the end of September.
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During the last few months Apple has been working on a product called Airpods, which would be wireless headphones that connect by Bluetooth. The expectation is that they are sold along with the iPhone 7, since it will come without the 3.5 mm input.
These wireless headphones, supposedly, have battery life of 4 hours, but can be supplied with an accessory carrying case that also serves as a rechargeable battery, which would help extend the charging time.
It is not certain that the Airpods will be revealed in this September 7, but Apple has recently acquired a series of certifications of products from Eurasian Economic Union, including Airpods, which suggests that he’s a finished product or, at least, almost done. However, they may not be fully ready to be launched at the event, which leaves your possible release date unknown.
Don’t Expect Macbooks
Another product that awakens the interest of consumers of technology are the MacBooks and MacBook Pro, with a revamped design, including an OLED notifications bar, come making a lot of people looking forward to your release. However, Macs up to date are not expected for this event from September 7. But don’t be discouraged. They should be released later this year, in a possible event in October.
These are some tips of what we can expect from this event on September 7 from Apple. To check out these and other news, just stay tuned here, in the Workshop of the Net. We will bring all event releases. Now, just wait, because it won’t be long.