What to Wear with Linen White Pants

You know, we’re not fans here diktat of fashion and things imposed. However the white pants remains a special case that deserves to be treated quickly (remember the 3000 usual words, here in brief, it is the rapid exchange on an interesting topic). So has it right you wearing that famous white pants or is it definitely a piece that will stay in the closet until your next vacation in St. Tropez? We told you everything in this article Marcel! 

If there are issues that can be resolved in 4 seconds flat (can I opt for these shiny black shoes to 14 euros with my tuxedo?), There are others such as the issue of white pants that leave us perplexed.
If a question can not be resolved frankly, better avoid some say …
It is true that avoiding the white pants for not doing error is a rather effective tactic, but rather see what we could do with it.

White Pants for Which Season?

So here we enter the heart of the matter. Know that if it was the basis reserved for the summer, we now see more and more reach in winter. This was the case the last Pitti Uomo (87) or white pants abounded as much as tile windows.
Yeah, but if you give us breaks the few rules there were, we do how we do now?
Yeah I know … Marcel for me as it gets complicated. Ok, on seasonality, so there is more rule. This rest can be more!

With Which Colors You should Wear His White Trousers?

Ahh, there normally there’s wearing rules for flannel pants. No garish colors too, favor neutral colors and everything. Nope? Neither? OK…
Unlike some strong pieces less versatile, white pants is neutral by definition. If you need to avoid an outfit all in white, but you can associate it with many colors without overdoing it. Prefer pastels and colors are not too bright anyway. White would raise too much your canary yellow sweater. It would not be fair play for epileptics.

Beware of Cut

The white pants is no exception to the rule: the cut is the most important.
We are here in the case of some particular part, since you’ll quickly the uniform of the basic range kéké if the cut of your pants is not absolutely perfect. Opt for a semi-slim fit not to take too much risk! And if you’re really not sure, go for shorts (no, not capris pity).

The Final Word

In conclusion, we say that the white pants can become your best friend as your worst enemy, depending on what you choose to do.
It is worn in summer and winter by the mastery you have your style, but like any other room, it must be selected in the right material and the right cut. Again, avoid all that glitters and frills: less is more. Go for a basic quality that will follow you a few years. Finally, if you’re not on you, choose shorts!