What Travel Bag to Buy

Dyears this Lifestyle blog, we often talk about fashion. Indeed, we are trying to find the most beautiful parts and especially to be able to match them together. Our goal, find the most elegant and the most representative of the men’s trend of the moment looks. That said, the clothes are not everything. Accessories also have a prominent place in the coherence of a masculine look.

What travel bag use to go on a weekend?

Dyears this article, we will talk about bags and more particularly of weekend bags. Indeed, what could be more frustrating that you have an old suitcase all stoned or all moldy bag when you’re a man trend?

The men’s luggage, an accessory that should not allow for account.

Jare so a quick glance in the stations where the airports you will find certainly many individuals look rather stylish and trend: little suit curved, elegant, and in codes clothing trends of the moment. No fashion missteps on the clothing side. That said linger one second on the bag or the bag. Indeed, it is not uncommon to find this type of man with an old-school background, which denotes totally with the trendy look that he sports today. You know, the suitcase with broken or wheel train sweat bitumen. It’s a shame, because it totally breaks character and charisma. For avoid this fashion-luggage-faux-pas, please find below our selection of three bag weekend for men trends.

Weekend bag Faguo menswear trend

NWe are truly fell under the spell of this weekend for the brand Faguo man bag .This bag will be the heyday of your impromptu weekend alone or as a couple. The hyper-resistante canvas is Navy Blue thick cotton. On the shoulder or across the body, you will not fail to have the class in Dallas or elsewhere, regardless of your destination. Price: €120

Weekend bag man Ralph Lauren leather

This genuine leather travel bag is the perfect object to transport your weekend clothes. The work of the leather and the seams is simply remarkable. Impossible not to miss this bag both luxury and casual.

Filson travel bag

For those who know this brand, you know how its sound quality products. Buy or be offered a Filson bag: this is for life. Resistance of products such as nothing or almost can damage your bag. In addition to the quality and the resistance, we fell under the charm of this unique, rugged but elegant design.