What Will Be The Name of Android M?

There is very little for the launch of Android M. Its launch is planned for the month of October and although we already know most of what’s new is still two unknowns to discover: your name and version number.
About the version number, if we listen to Android M Developer Preview 2 would be Android 5.2, and on his name nothing is known, rumor has it many names, and today Google heats the environment by launching the first Android M promotional video that asks for the name that will have the new version of the operating system.

Many conjectures

As we see in this funny video Google shows us that there are many names of desserts and sweets that could be Android M. Those who hear more strongly are Marshmallow, Muffin, M & M and Milkshake.

A track?

At the end of the video, we see that is already preparing the new figure of Android M that will be placed in the gardens of offices GooglePlex them. Appears only the legs and trunk of the figure still unpainted, which seems to take the postreen hand as in Lollipop. Google invites us to follow the NatandLo channel to discover the final name of Android M.
What do you think that it will be the Android M?