When Can You Wear a Postpartum Girdle

The postpartum sheath is a thorny topic that divides mothers and midwives. In the past, women, after giving birth, Langeais belly to taper the waist. Today there are the sheaths, but many would argue that are not appropriate for anything, because even counterproductive.

Is a debate that keeps tour for some years and today, we try to see its pros and cons. Then, take care, we welcome your comments. In fact, we would like to know if you used, what you had recommended and how you found. The compression range or postpartum sheath should be indicated for those women who delivered by caesarean section, but there are many mothers who wear as a result of natural childbirth. How are they made? Some simple like girdles, reinforced front: are made of cotton and can be adjusted. Others pants are more like underpants containing elastic, very high. There are indeed in all price ranges, but to buy a decent guy you have to spend around 30/35 euros.
At this time we are focusing on postpartum fitnessbecause the swimsuit season approaches and are especially new moms to feel the need to recover their physical form. As you know, however, to regain muscle tone, you can begin to do gymnastics, so sweet, after 4/6 weeks after the birth of the child. The advice also applies to the sheath: don’t wear it immediately, first wait until the “wounds” you are healed and especially not fatigued too the ABS.
Should not be worn all day, but only for a few hours, also you may not think that the tone of your ABS back like before giving birth just because you put an elastic band, though it could be a great help. Because many, especially midwives, advise against? Some experts argue that, on the contrary, helps to recover muscle tone, to restabilize the perineum and would use smoderato can somehow encourage prolapse and incontinence problems. Shortly we will provide even tips for choosing the jacket suits you and use it properly.
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