When Should You Buy School Bag?

We keep getting requests from parents and grandparents, when should you buy best the school bags for the education of the child. We recommend the winter or the spring before the school more or less now, if your child comes in August in the 1st class. A man has sufficient time to inform, to try out different satchel and finding the matching knapsacks model for the children, on the other hand, there are currently also the new collections of the manufacturers, as well as limited editions. So if you want to have a very special school bag model for the young, is now exactly the right time for the purchase of the knapsack.
Be guided but not too much by the optics. On the size of the knapsack, primary care should be suitable for the small back. Buying at the top are a good fit, the ergonomic characteristics and the General comfort. Of course, many other things, such as security, ease of use for the graders or high-quality workmanship are important. Anyone looking for a timetable, according to which criteria man the knapsack best selects, find our check list of the 10 best tips to buying school bags here.
One was still said: the satchels are nowadays not as edgy as known from the past, but rather resemble a school backpack. Ergonomic reasons, because the knapsack were adapted more and more in recent years on the back of the small. The optimized design ensures a good fit on the back and an optimum load distribution. Also like the sporty round design even the smallest better – after all, the satchel so already looks like a cool backpack of large.

Our Tip

Our school bag tip for school comes from the Ewenzhou. Many different colors and patterns here on the children, so there is something for every taste. What is special about ergobag is the sophisticated ergonomic concept, what’s behind the satchel. Best buy set, which consists of the knapsack and fitting that a book box, molt, pencil cases and the sports backpack is the satchel. So it is equipped for the elementary school. Additionally some 5 interchangeable Kletties, that can be attached to the satchel itself or to the sports backpack.