Where to Buy Maternity Clothes

In summer many invitations to ceremonies: baptisms, communions and weddings are commonplace. For those with a big belly, however, the speech becomes complicated, because you don’t get to recycle no leader already in the closet so you have to put your hand on your wallet and shop. Which, considering that in addition to the suit – which almost certainly won’t use anymore-there is a gift for the birthday boy to do, well, it’s not always available to everyone.

Where to Buy Maternity Clothes
The maternity clothing in recent years has become relatively cheaper, but above all has changed like that: no more long shirts tell colorful colours but sad not only trendy models able to camouflage the most obvious, but also about being cool! Just thinking of what my mom wore 30 years ago … I shudder!
If so you have to go to a ceremony, here’s a quick overview of what the market offers and what brands they occasion maternity clothing catalogue.

Maternity clothes, where to buy them?

Although the best advice is to physically go to the store to try on the clothes, there are also mothers who prefer shopping online. In general we can say that almost all the big brands have on their site a channel of e-commerce, so whatever xxl maternity clothing your shopping philosophy there are no problems in this regard.
It os to say that, in many cases, online shopping can boast any discounts not only seasonal, but also-for example-end residual sample. We advise you, ultimately, to check the online catalogue and then go into the store to compare size and price.

Clothing and maternity dresses

Referring to priced brands, we can take a look at the Prenatal site, which offers solutions exclusively designed for pregnant women and for mothers breastfeeding (do you want a dress or a t-shirt designed to breastfeed? There is no price!). The costs are quite content, ranging from 15 to 70 euros for a maternity dress without great pretensions. It is to say, though, that in terms of stylish clothes the choice is really thin, while more variety there is on simple dresses.
Even H & M offers a collection dedicated to maternity fashion, although somewhat reduced. On their official website you may notice in the catalogue some pretty dresses, for a very low price, approximately 30 euro.
We end with Zalando, which offers a varied collection of stylish clothes and not suitable for a more challenging as a wedding or a birthday or family party. Here, though, the prices are higher because the online shopping portal also has important brands.

Shoes for maternity

Typically, not all expectant mothers have problems with shoes during pregnancy, because often they are the legs and ankles to swell, especially in the last quarter, and only occasionally the feet. There is, however, the problem with fatigue and other ailments. Therefore, bandits heels and Yes to more comfortable footwear.
For the shoe shopping, we recommend the site of Macy’s, and that, once again, of Zalando. Also on Bonprix found several cheap solutions.
Then, to find out if those shoes that you like so much are recommended in pregnancy, please refer to our post about what shoes to wear with the bump.