Where to Buy Suspenders for Men on the Internet

Men’s suspenders are not difficult to buy if you are looking for on the internet, the problem is to find pieces really stylish and striking, for this reason we researched some stores that offer accessory and we list some of the ones that called our attention, since the classic flat models, even those made of leather and patterned. See below:

1-Floral Men Evolution

If you want to give a touch more in a basic outfit this model is ideal. Vista with a graphite or black tailoring pants or dark jeans, join with a shirt White and social look ready.

2-Suspenders Whiskey New Gents

In a beautiful shade of Brown, this strap serves to make the look more elaborate and also makes a good combination with Plaid shirts or even of poás. Combine with a shoe of the same colour is optional, especially in a casual look, so take the opportunity to use creativity and create something with your style.

3-Tailored With Duke Leather Tabs And Sons Leather

As beautiful as expensive, these braces from Duke and Sons are made to pants with buttons for suspenders, but nothing prevents you from taking a normal jeans and have them put the buttons. Visual mixing leather and fabric has a very cool retro appeal and gives room for a vintage chic that can have shoes with “brogues as an accompaniment.

4-Men Evolution Leather

Another leather model, but this gets into the details of the hardware of the lockstitch and marine elastic band on the back. Another charming model that can make par with a beautiful striped shirt and a pair of tailoring or chino. Boots “captoe” may be the missing item for the perfect look!
Note on mathgeneral: fits in any kind of pants that have the bystanders to the belt.

5–Classic Dual Gold-Tipped Wood-Italy

Classic model with six catches and finishing of leather. Serves both for looks and simple to the most elaborate and complemented by other accessories like a fedora hat, for example.
Prices converted from foreign currency and that can undergo changes with the variation of the exchange rate.