Which Glasses Fit to Which Face?

The glasses as a visual aid, fashion accessory and personality enhancer. But which facial shape is suitable for which spectacle model? And is my face oval, round, heart-shaped, quatratic or rectangular?
Not every one of us has to wear glasses, but at the latest with the first rays of the sun the Sunglasses are squeezed out and reveal the true fashion victims among us, depending on the shape and size. To have the perfect look and still look good is the motto. Whom which glasses fits depends on different factors.
A pair of glasses is an accessory that can either be used to underline or change its type or style to slip into another role. It makes the wearer look more serious or crazy, more sensual or more severe, fits into the face or deliberately stands out.
This does not only depend on the actual , current spectacle , but especially on our face shape.
Styling Tip
It is important that the glasses should not emphasize their own facial shape, but rather deliberately counteract it. If you are a fashionable individual character, you can also emphasize your own facial features with a pair of glasses.   + The oval face + The oval face is the winner in the spectacle battle. With its uniform outer contour, almost all types of glasses come into their own. The harmonic shape, with a narrow forehead and rounded chin, can withstand all stresses. Here, the right combination of optical stretching and transverse concreting by the different spectacle elements is important. Whether standard or crazy and extravagant.
However, it is important not to overstate the horizontal line. The face would be lengthened optically.
The round face
Even a round face has a soft shape and therefore has a striking emphasis and structure, to stretch it optically and pull it into the length. Particularly suitable are stretched spectacle shapes with horizontal stress. Here, square-shaped eyeglasses fit particularly well. They make the face look narrower and give contour. The model can quietly emphasize the eye parts, but also just as rimless frames enter the face. Fingers away from thick-edged, relatively small and rounded frames, which correspond too much to the actual facial shape.
The Heart-Shaped Or Triangular Face
From the broad forehead, this shape becomes evenly narrower towards the chin.
Round, oval or rounded square shape supports the longitudinal concreting. Light, delicate frames or even rimless spectacles compensate for the extreme proportions.
Dominating spectacle frames in color or even angular, flat spectacles would additionally emphasize the triangular shape and should be left outside. + The Square Face + Pronounced lower jaw bones make the face appear square and angular. It requires optical stretching and longitudinal concreting. Optimal are soft forms with more depth of the frame and also rimless spectacles which interrupt the face the least.
The Rectangular Face
Also distinctive, but long and narrow. Strong cheekbones, a pronounced jaw part, and a broad forehead, require a longitudinal and transverse concretion depending on the size of the body.
Harmony in the rectangle bring round or oval frames, but also rimless spectacles, which loosen the strict facial features.
Too small spectacles are more likely to be lost here and are lost in a face so expressive.