Which Tent Is Right For Me?

You go for the first time with the caravan holiday. You have already bought the caravan, but would you also like to a tent. Or are perhaps for many years with the trailer on the road and this will now finally replaced? Both situations are a good reason to buy a new Caravan. But how to choose from now the awning from the wide range of materials, depth, colors and brands, that suits you best? We help you jog your memory, so that you see the forest for the trees again.
A good selection from this great range of awnings meet, is the most important question: “How would you camp?” Take three or four weeks on vacation once a year? Do you prefer a fixed pitch on which during the entire camping season or maybe all year leaving your tent? Or you go away more often for a few days, but then just to various campsites? There is a suitable awning for every tent way. Of course even at Obelink.

Tent for a summer vacation
You go in the summer for a few weeks on vacation or at least in the warmer months? Or you often leave a shorter period, but have need plenty of space to store your stuff, or easy to use? Then a caravan awning is a good solution for you. In our assortment you will find awnings of different tent materials. If you decide for a summer tent, make sure then that the material ‘ ten Cate, roof WR 18 and WR 17 walls’ is indicated. The ten Cate is there all season cloth in different thicknesses. The thinner ten Cate cloth is suitable especially for summer tents, because you must carry less weight due to the lower weight of the towel. The material can also provide a kondensarmes climate in the tent. In order to ‘save weight’, you can place a Ø25 mm rod, supplied with the standard becomes a surcharge an aluminum pole (in Ø 25 or 28 mm) buy. You can decide for an extra simple system, with terminals instead of screws, the so-called quick linkage or the PowerGrip linkage.
Season tent
Want to leave longer your tent, for example because you have a space in the season? Then the thicker tent with quality is ten Cate all season very suitable for you. Recognize this quality on the basis of the following indication: ‘ ten Cate all season World Cup 19 roof and walls WR 18’. The inside of the roof is equipped with a condensation reduction pressure, making it considerably thicker than the lighter ten Cate quality. Also a tent from PVC would be an option as the season tent. You can use a PVC tent even throughout the year, so even in winter. For the advantages and disadvantages of whole year tents, please read the section ‘ full year tent ‘.
We recommend you always to, if you are not presently on the camping site, extra good to air the tent. You do this, that you the wind aperture and / or remove wheel cover or high roll. In addition, it is also important to air first. If you want to use the tent ‘just’ as season tent, you are then aware that the climate in in a tent out of ten Cate all season is much more agreeable than in a PVC tent, because ten Cate all season is kondensarm. In a ten Cate all season awning is much brighter than in a PVC tent way of ‘dense’ PVC cloth.
Because you are during the season not always on the campsite, is recommended to enhance your season tent with storm poles and roof poles, to prevent possible water bags. Preferably opt for a steel rod. Steel is heavier than aluminum and your tent is just more stable with a steel rod.
Full year tent
Would you all year, from January to December, enjoy the camping life, you need a tent that is coated on the outside as well as on the outside with PVC. Thus, the tent including winter resistant, has grown but also March showers and the blazing sun. When these types of tent, it is of great importance, because PVC is not breathable. In the tents, which are suitable for all year round, there’s a PVC coating on the outside and inside and the tent is so very kondensempfindlich. The advantage of a PVC tent is that because of the material no mold can form, which already can happen when a tent from ten Cate all season, if not enough air.
Another advantage is that a PVC tent can be cleaned easily.
Some PVC tents in our assortment, the Onyx 240, the Sorrento 240, the Arola 275, 275 Provence and the Geneva 350 are equipped with window shutters so that the window film is protected. Look also at the winter tents. There is still some tents made of PVC.
Compared to a tent from ten Cate all season is a PVC awning hard and to recommend as ‘Travel tent’. With regard to the construction of the tent you must endeavor really a PVC tent, to tension the roof well because PVC is more rigid than ten Cate all season. It is a must to strengthen a PVC tent with additional storm poles and roof poles to prevent water pockets. We recommend you to buy mm at a PVC awning rods made of steel with a diameter of Ø28.
Tent for short trips
Traveling several times for a period of only a couple days, you would perhaps not too heavy travel. You are likely to think that it is also useful in the case that you can quickly set up the tent. In this situation, a light weight awning is a good choice. You install such a tent quickly and easily. If you are a little bit, you can build the tent in about 20 minutes. In a next blog, we will discuss lightweight tents or universal awnings.
How camp happy and put on your tent? We love to hear it!