Who Can Wear Maxi Skirts?

Styling Ideas By Lila Vasconcelos
I love maxi skirts, but I do not wear them because I’m only five feet tall, or because I’m a little girl, or because my hips are wide … Since I’ve received a lot of questions about this, I’m here today to undo some myths related to this ask.
So, what about the question: Who can wear maxi skirts? My answer is simple … all women who adore this item regardless of their body type. Forget the idea that the long skirt is meant only for tall, thin women. I repeat, we’ve all been able to use them!
Did you know that a maxi skirt can help visually stretch your silhouetteYes, just know how to compose the look with the right pieces. Modern, comfortable and versatile this trend is great for the hottest days, but can be used in any season, both day and night looks.
Styling Tips:
Choose skirts from flowing fabrics and with excellent trim.
Give preference to medium or high waist pieces.
Do not forget to adjust the hem to your height.
Select darker color skirts.
Match the skirt with V-neck tops.
Opt for a monochrome composition.
Complement with a long necklace.
Avoid coordinating this garment with long coats.
Wear high-heeled or wedge-shaped shoes.
You do not have to follow all the suggestions, just the ones that make sense to you. There are 3 inspirations to enjoy the last days of summer.