Who Fits What Jeans Cut?

Which shape fits my figure? What type of jeans am I and which jeans fit to me?

Jeans have accompanied us faithfully through fashion life for decades and in all imaginable cuts, ablutions and colors, they always give us the same puzzle. But whether shaping jeans , jeggings or classic boot cut, who takes a few styling tips to heart, will surely find the right jeans model to his figure.
In order to keep an overview of the individual jeans cuts, one should first know exactly which jeans variants the modem market always again anglück. With the right styling tips, the selection should not be a problem anymore. Whether stone washed, used look or dark, the Boot-Cut Jeans is a faithful classic that can be worn by almost every type of figure. 
For women with wider hips the straight jeans cut is unfortunately not suitable. In the low waist variant, a flat belly is a must and a rescue ring taboo. The very slim cut slim fit jeans is best seen in a more boyish figure, otherwise the overall picture looks a bit stout.
Styling Tip
Otherwise the same rule applies to the jeans: the darker the fabric, the slimmer the silhouette and in combination with high heels, the overall picture can be stretched again. 

Business-fit will mix a jeans with a blazer, an acceptable and appropriate outfit.
High Waist
New in the stores are the jeans with high waist and very narrow ankle widthfor some time. Not for everyone, but ideal for curves women with narrow waist and wide hips, this jeans cut is very figurbetont and feminine.
Styling Tip
A great short jacket makes the trendy outfit complete.  
Marlene jeans
wide counterpart is the Marlene jeans. With a high-cut waist, a crisp cut at the buttocks and hip and extremely wide leg, it ensures the extravagance. Casual and chic, they can be worn with flat ballerinas or high pumps, which stretch even further.
But beware, this jeans cut needs leg. Marlene jeans look best on very large women or androgynous guys.
Styling Tip
The waist can be additionally emphasized in combination with narrow-cut tops or waisted tops, and the silhouette offers a balance to the extra-wide leg. Therefore, no volume on the upper body, otherwise the outfit seems too plump.

For a few seasons, the Röhrenjeans is and remains a hit. No jeans cut dresses women as well as men legs so often. 

But beware! Even if one is seduced by the oversupply in the shelves, shop windows or on the street, admittedly not everyone can wear this jeans cut. Either twiggy-like or tall and slim are the best prerequisites for the perfect appearance in the tube. Otherwise, there is a risk that the figure will look more sturdy or reduced.
Styling Tip
The narrower it gets down, the more it can be up. For casual XXL blouses and babydoll shirts, as well as mini dresses, can be combined best. Ballerinas, flat boots or biker boots make the current look perfect.

Boyfriend Jeans
And quite new in the jeans jeans Must-Haves has been the boyfriend jeans for some time. Casually worn on the hips, she looks, as the name suggests, as if she had been stolen directly from the friend’s wardrobe. Slip into it, maybe the trouser legs turn around, and the stress-free look is no longer in the way. The whole thing looks not only comfortable – but it is also. A pair of chice pumps give the outfit back its femininity and elegance. But also ballerinas and sandals look perfect. 

Styling Tip
This feminine baggy look comes best in a brighter blue. A great wash and a few folds additionally ensure the perfect used look. Also the tops can be casually wide, but not overshoot and too swinging.