Who Is It for?

The flashlight is a tool for anyone wishing to take a light source with it, whether at home, in nature or at his place of work.
It is an object of daily use which proves its practicality in many circumstances and can be a great help in a situation of distress or danger, it is accessible to all.
These objects are over-the-counter.

The technologies offered

Portable lighting technology have made a lot of progress over the last decade. The traditional incandescent bulb lamp gave way to stronger, more sustainable and more efficient LED lighting and it’s technology we choose to offer.
The LED, or light-emitting diodes are opto-electronic components capable of emitting light when they are driven by an electric current.
In comparison to conventional incandescent lamps, LED lamps have a much longer life (of 50,000 to 100,000 hours, 6 to 11 years of continuous use) and a lower energy consumption. They are also more resistant to shocks.
They also offer a more uniform, and white light with less black and annular areas.
They finally create more compact and lighter lamps which become less cumbersome and more efficient accessories.
LED lamps have reflectors that concentrate the power light to offer a halo more or less clear and focused. Some models have several reflectors that offer several halos, a ‘spot’ focused on the goal, and a “flood” wider and dispelled illuminating the immediate surroundings of the user.
The flashlights are powered by lithium batteries or rechargeable batteries, explained by theinternetfaqs.com.

The different performances, which choose?

Before such a diversity of powers and intensities (up to 3500 lumens of power and 126 000 candela of intensity) we have chosen to direct our clients towards a model which corresponds to its needs.
For example, if your activities are the following:
– Occasional practice
We recommend:

  • Power of 10 to 200 Lumens:the lumens indicate the total amount of light a lamp emits, regardless of the direction
  • Intensity:2000 cd (Candela)
  • Wide Angle:to inform widely around
  • Practice:light, easy to store and easy to handle
  • Rechargeable:to be always operational

– Adventure & discovery :
We recommend:

  • Power of 400 lumens.
  • Intensity:10 000 cd (Candela)
  • Great angle or angle focused:to illuminate wide around self or target an area more accurate
  • Shock resistance
  • A battery:to be self-sufficient for several days

– Power search:
We recommend:

  • Power from 1000 Lumens
  • Intensity:50000 cd (Candela)
  • Concentrated angle:to target a goal or a specific area

Scope: allows to illuminate precisely objects to short to very long distance.


We have selected for you to further your flashlight accessories to meet every situation.
For food:find our batteries and adapted to different brands of lamps and their Chargers, batteries to increase your independence.
For defence and shooting: combine the power of your torch an effective defensive weapon to defend your home. Also check out the flashlight on picatinny rail safety ring which will allow you to fix a light worthy of the name on many standards of weapons.