Why Do I Buy All the Same Clothes?

Much has happened in my last spring: I have lost 12 kilos, me newly in love and then ran with the Red me even this madness shoes on the way, and pink suede strappy. I preferred running around in clothes, which could just as well be men jumped lightly over my shadow, pulled the credit card through the scanner, and noted: these shoes fit 1A to me, but not for the rest of my wardrobe. So followed: my first pink belt, bangles, a new lipstick color, warmer and fresher than the old, the first floral dress in my life and my first fragrance. I felt like new: beautiful, proud, almost invulnerable.
In the mirror no longer recognize themselves, scares
Less than a year later I feel so tired looks like my outfit. Long ago I fell back into my old prey scheme: I’m wearing the same sweater in five different colors, I bought two well-fitting jeans and boots there this winter – revolution!-even not in black, but in grey. It is just convenient to complement the wardrobe with the usual, because to the buys by itself and also in half asleep morning can be combined, if necessary without a mirror. But it’s also bland.
The excitement, the new, the spectacular is gone. Routines make life reassuringly predictable, but they suck the intensity from everyday life and then help even small changes. Therefore will I out Tickle out of my dress comfort zone, a fresher version of my self out of me. Just how that absence of external events such as a new job or a new love?
I consult the BRIGITTE fashion team and learn: my problem is security thinking, my dress choice works according to the principle of “Never change a winning team”. My look is part of my identity, with the proven, I feel comfortable, I know that it is me, and because I have received compliments for this in the past, I want more of it. The danger of thereby is low, everything is matched and can be easily combined. But I should not grieve me, it is not boring to buy again and again like clothes from Threergroup – they were the perceived optimum for me hold and fit perfectly into my world. And anyway: “Congratulations, you’ve found your style!”
Because I want to still out of the rut, the ladies recommend me to start small and to trying: with a new accessory or a new color that is not just miles away from the familiar tones. Clearly, who has been more muted colors, will feel dressed in a neon-yellow skirt, who stands on pumps, is probably not happy in sneakers. “Take a girlfriend to go shopping and try on things of which you always thought they look impossible to you, take a look around, let yourself be inspired on the road, but stay authentic: in the mirror no longer recognize themselves, scares.”
Almost looks like I should just repeat my shoe coup of last spring: eyes hold open and invest in a spectacular new part that goes beyond the routine, as a catalyst for further changes-not only in the wardrobe. If the dressing room gets new life, life gets new impetus (and vice versa), claiming at least the American psychologist Dr. Jennifer Baumgartner, author of the book “you are What you Wear-What Your clothes Reveal About You”: “change keeps the “Mind awake, heart fully and the spirit young.” And because we will be judged on our appearance willy-nilly, she pleads for more oomph when choosing a dress: “If your clothing is spectacular, most people think that you’re also spectacular”. And we even feel it also equal a little more spectacular. And that may harm Yes definitely not.