With Android M We Can Install Applications on Drives

Android M fully embraces the USB flash drives. Now the operating system recognizes them officially, but not only to be used as portable storage for multimedia files, but also to be able install applications.
When you connect a external HDD or USB memory Android M will show us a wizard that will ask us if we want to use the external memory such as portable storage, to only work with multimedia files and documents, either, if we Use this USB drive as if it were internal storage, allowing us to install / move applications and store any file.
In this way we can now expand the memory of any Android device even without the microSD card reader, only you have to connect a USB memory, whether it’s a USB-OTG adapter or directly with a microUSB memory. We can move applications between different memories. That if you have to keep in mind that if we remove the USB drive app will disappear until we return to connect the USB.
This new feature is useful for Android TV and devices such as the Nexus Player, that now for very little money users can expand your storage with USB flash drives or hard drives to install a larger number of games.