With CyanogenMod 7 Nexus Is The Tool to Vote in Indiana, The Image of The Week

Technology is no stranger to democratic processes and on more than one occasion we have seen how our representatives like to take a break in their sessions by having fun with a tablet. Not everything is going to be entertainment, of course, tablets are also used for his work on voting and today we have Tupac with a curious case.
In the State of Indiana, United States, senators and representatives have an electronic device embedded in their desks. Specifically a Nexus 7 – do not specify if it is the model of 2012 or 2013 – with CyanogenMod. Yes, nothing by default or AOSP ROM. Thanks to the shutdown menu we have learned that it is this version of the Android operating system. Reasons, as you can see, there is no shortage so we choose it as the image of the week.
A total of 150 representatives use the Nexus 7 on votes that make from Indiana. This not only tablet takes a rather singular ROM, is also modified so that connections to the intranet is made by Ethernet and WiFi not. In this way it is more difficult to intercept communications that occur in tables of votes.
As a curiosity, say that you using the Smart Vote of the developer company software. In fact, has been a developer engineer who has posted photos and explained some of the technical details about how the application works and the way in which the central system with each device communicates.
You have not detailed what the reason that there are back to choose a Nexus 7 and not another device. Without sponsorships from through, all indications are that it probably has to do with the cost of tablets. The use of Cyanogen is probably justified by the possibility to modify the ROM and adapt it to specific needs.