With LED Lighting Against Climate Change

“The cumulative CO2 emissions determine the average global warming of the Earth’s surface largely […] They are up 40% since pre-industrial times. “The concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere passed in may 2013 for the first time the 400 ppm (parts per million) mark, and is therefore as high as never before.”
That comes to these results Intergovernmental Panel on climate change (IPCC) in its current climate report.The fact is, the increasing CO2 emissions endanger the climate target, to limit the global temperature rise to two degrees. To prevent further global warming and acidification of the oceans, in other words, an urgent need for action. A contribution that each one of us can afford to save energy and thus CO2 -, is the transition to an energy-efficient LED lighting technology. Because account for 19% of energy consumed worldwide. Energy efficient lighting solutions therefore help to promote sustainable development.

Energy Saving-An Economic And Environmental Advantage For All

According to data of the electronics group, it would lead to an exchange of all currently installed LED lights in an average energy savings of 40%. This corresponds to
128 trillion euros, the businesses and private consumers paying less annually
thebenefits of 642 medium-sized power plant
670 million tons of CO2 emissions
260 million vehicle emissions
In comparison to 2006 Philips expected to result from the introduction of energy-efficient lighting a 30% lower energy consumption for lighting. These savings represent a 515 million tons reduction of CO2 emissions.

Energy Saving Potential Of LED Lighting