Women's Long Sleeve Hooded Coat Cardigans Trench Sweater

After the seventh Earl of Cardigan, to isolate the form invented elongated jacket buttoned. Then the clothes were only men, but women then adapt them to your wardrobe: these clothes so loved by the ladies, they begin to sew, knit vests and change the style beyond recognition.

Models Knit Long Cardigan

Before cardigan or choose ready, you need to decide on several parameters desired pattern.

  • Big or small package? The Long cardigan women can be big or small packages. A small model of the eye of the scheme to create a game with variety and color, jackets of different colors worn underneath can create harmony or contrast with each other. Great package to create a modern image because today’s trend spit that appears and hair, and accessories, and clothing.
  • Colored long cardigan. Crochet knitting long cardigan can be any color, but better to opt for pastel shades – beige, light gray, milky pink. Vest color of wet asphalt image adds rigor and originality. It is in this color highlights fashion house Chanel this season. Black and white jacket is a timeless classic that is combined with other colors.
  • . Decor long cardigans knitting. Today a large number of vests decor is welcome – it can be and leather inserts, and even collars. Most buttons are decorated basic elements – large and bright, with stones in the form of knitted flowers, they have a way of originality.
  • Vintage style. Long knitted cardigan with vintage buttons can be full length or hook with the smell of one. Knitted times gives the figure sophistication and a wide leather belt, combined with viscous embodies the trend. See vintage style jackets and coats on http://www.vintagematters.net/vintage-style-trench-coats.