Wood Keyboard Macbook

As much as we love technology in all its brilliant metallicity, the aesthetic of the wood always wins. Will that brings us back to nature, it will be giving a sense of clean, who knows. The fact is that – fortunately for us – there are many designers who have decided to focus on the union of the two.
It is not such a pure object of desire this keyboard RAWBKNY, produced for laptops Macbook Pro and Macbook Air?
Favorites directly replace the aluminum case of your MacBook with a fully wooden houses? You can do this for example with ApfelBrett Pro in Apple: Also useful as chopping wood!
Another option is Silva, the elegant holder MacBook briefcase Grass Wood , in highly polished bamboo.
Or there is the case of Blackbox , this bamboo.
Then there are the cover of Karvt , available in various types of wood, and then colors.
In nearly all cases the same brands produce wood cover for other types of laptops and smartphones… take a trip!