Yoga Mat to Buy

YOGA-Yoga and technology. Who knew these two would one day be compatible? It may sound really absurd when we know that yoga is supposed to disconnect us to better focus on ourselves. But this smart carpets, hence its name Smartmat, deals only with us.In the manner of a teacher, he guides us, corrects us and congratulate us.

How it works ?
In order to offer you a true analysis of your yoga practice, this intelligent mattress asks you the first use. Sex, weight, size, measurement, this carpet, connected to its application, analyzing everything to get an idea of your body. Then, simply string together a series of basic positions so that he is aware of your abilities. Once the initialization is complete, you can start training.
Smartmat, corrects your poses in 2 steps. It focuses first on your alignment, ensuring that your hands, feet and other parts of your body are well placed. Then, it analyzes your balance. For each posture, the application recorded information it combines with the characteristics that you gave it when you first use. The mattress guide you step by step until you reach the perfect posture.
Its technological qualities
Smartmat offers many programs for all levels. He easily recharged using a standard USB port and offers 6 hours of battery life. The connection between the mattress and your tablet is done through Bluetooth. For fans of Bikram yoga , no problem concerning temperature, the carpet is designed to support up to 43 ° C and is resistant to water. The future accessory that yogis can not happen soon should be on sale in July 2015 for the modest sum of $ 447 (more than 350 €).
Having posted this week their project on the Aparentingblog, 6 contractors already have collected almost all the money they had requested, or $ 110,000.