You Have Reversed My Life

Today is a special day for me, even if I have not communicated it much, let alone a celebration, so I am firmly in the thought of a cold 30th of November in the year 2014. The day on which you give me the yes-word have given.
Last year we were still two. Or in other words, we only knew for a few weeks that a little miracle happened to us. That is why we have told it only to the closest acquaintances and wait for the obligatory 12 weeks until the pregnancy is ready. For me, pregnancy had become clear. I want you! And I want to be not only you, no, I am the family, of which I always dreamed subconsciously. With you at my side and as a mother of my children. That’s why it was clear to me at the beginning of November last year that I wanted to take you to my wife! And I think my plan worked very well!
Perhaps you can still remember my engagement request, as we were in Regensburg in the cold and you did not want to run any further with me! Luckily you (You and Benjamin) kept up until I finally asked you if you wanted to be with me a family? Would you like to wear my name for our rest of our lives? And you said YES!
Since that moment has changed for me so incredibly much. Just when I think of who I was before we met. A student who is immersed in the day and has not had a clear goal before. You were the complete opposite of me: ambitious, ambitious, goal-oriented! Something about you has touched me but immediately. Perhaps also the characteristics, which I did not know until then that they are so important to me.
To my life so far, I knew only “girls”. I knew that I wanted to have a “woman”. And this “woman” you were!
Do you remember how we slept in a bed in the morning when I got some bread in the morning, but insisted that you have to smear it for us? It was only last weekend that this scenario was repeated, only this time was “us”, me and our little son! Unbelievable as everything has developed so far, but if I am honest, I have never doubted. I just could not know. This time had to prove to me, too.
Since our engagement, pregnancy and wedding, I have matured to someone who has finally arrived in his life. Finally, all I do is think and make sense through our small family. All of a sudden, I am the first in my circle of friends to take responsibility. This is reflected both in the profession and in private life. The time with you is just very precious and a 40h / week leaves me little time with you. Unfortunately!
That’s why I am all the more pleased when I see you as your mother and wife. How you deal with our son, love him and only want the best for him. I want the same for us!
I am happy about the little things, like yesterday afternoon we have both of our wedding rings, even though we always take them off at home. It was noticeable to me, when we just played with our little one on the pants floor and straightened. And always keen on it, that he is not equal lospinkelt. Yes, we have a sense of romance, even if it may be wrong.
And alone that I noticed something like this and I am today a dad of a great son, as well as husband of a mad woman and mother, I thank both of you and look forward to our future with every further day Benjamin is with us more and more!