You Know-the Little Pocket Dictionary

The ABC of Fashion: What is a Kelly Bag, a Softclutch, a HOBO Bag, the Famous Chanel 2.55, a Weekender or a Pochette? Fashion can often give us puzzles. Here is the resolution.
Who is Who of Bags. Everyone wants to be able to speak, words are spun through the air, new trend bags are created every season , but if one really does not know a term, one rarely dare to ask.
Baguette Bag
A variation of the clutch, or the original mother of all Clutches, as the Baguette Bag is also clamped under the arm. Like French bread. The handle is just long enough to be able to carry the narrow, oblong pocket over the shoulder. The fashion house Fendi once brought to the market the prototype baguette bag, the Sarah Jessica Parker aka “Carrie Bradshaw” in the late 90s in the TV series “Sex and the City” to new glory and honor.
Chanel 2.55
A school backpack made of cotton, which this year could be seen again in various variants also to mortals on the street. The original was introduced by Coco Chanel in 1955 and has since then lost its luster and market value. As the must-have of the upper tens of thousands, the Chanel 2.55 belongs to the basic wardrobe of every Society Lady. If you are lucky enough to find such a sweet as a vintage accessory. Many model albums are always inspired by the classic and imitate the quilting and chain look.
The English term for accessing or clipping. Accordingly, they are not worn over the shoulder, but rather as a small accessory, often cumbersome, in the hand. As a classic evening bag, there are also models with a practical loop for the wrist. In recent years the clutch has developed into an everyday accessory. They are available in the most glamorous variations, embroidered, beaded, with loops, in loops … this small fine accessory is the order of the designers and models.
Kelly Bag
Grace Kelly made the? Small bag with strap? of Hermes. Its original form has existed since 1892, when the saddlery of Hermès in Paris produced for the first time a large traveling bag for the transport of rider accessories. In 1935 Emile Hermès developed a miniature handbag. Out comes a bag with clean lines, soft yet sturdy. In 1956, Grace Kelly carried the bag elegantly in front of her to protect her pregnant belly from the paparazzi. A hype was triggered and Hermès called, with the permission of the Princess, the bag from then on “Kelly-Bag”. To this day, the Kelly-Bag is only made to order in pure craftsmanship. Accordingly, the Wartelists are long.
The Pochette is a small, flat handbag for women, worn over the shoulder. The term comes from the French and originally describes an elegant men’s handkerchief made of cotton or silk. But also a flat, handy dancing master from the 17th century is called Pochette. In both cases a synonym for flat.
Since the clutch with its small size is not the most practical companion, it was allowed to grow. It becomes soft, cuddly and above all great. The leather or material is soft and therefore comfortable in the arm. In addition, the Softclutch provides enough space for all vital women’s utensils.
The word Totes has nothing to do with a dead animal. In German, dead simply means a tragetasche. Accordingly, the models have a handle that is so short that the bags must be left hanging on the wrist or the forearm automatically. Wearing over the shoulder is not possible. Totes can be cotton bags, but also leather copies in all sizes. However, this size is very important in the choice. Only when the size of the bag fits the rest of the person does the overall picture or styling match. Petite women should choose small totes so the proportion is right.
As weekend is called from the English translated weekend, a Weekender is therefore a small travel bag, in which just as much purely as one needed on a weekend. A typical weekender is thus smaller than a normal travel bag, but larger than a business bag.
The Hobo Bag owes its name to a somewhat less perfectly adapted contemporary. Hobo = Land Streicher. Correspondingly, it is crushed and not ironed. Usually it is crescent, with a long shoulder strap. Since it is usually made of soft material, it becomes correspondingly crumbling and sinks together when you turn it off.