You Pay, Prisoner of Nostalgia, 59 Euros by One of The New Nokia 3310?

Users are thus, we move through cycles. Companies know, we know, and why exploit that nostalgic side whenever the opportunity arises to them, hence that first of old fashions that are now baptized as vintage and seeking to touch the heartstrings to, ultimately, bring us to the garden and let per box.
The proof is that Nintendo put into circulation the mini NES and broke all the stocks, and that means we have become crazy since Nokia hinted, through any other filtration and directed rumor, intending to put it back in circulation one of his emblematic terminals: Nokia 3310.

We already know its so-called price

There is no doubt that this Nokia is Nokia of yesteryear. We will not see the Finnish giant that dominated the market with iron fist and imposed its criteria compared to other manufacturers. This comeback will be slow and will star it a new Nokia, with manufacturing in the hands of HMD and adopting Android as an operating system.
But the weight of the mark is clear and every news surrounding this future Nokia 3310 is quite an event. The last thing we know him, or think we know, is their price. It seems, the phone will come to Europe to 59 euros, an affordable price and that it become a fad that will be difficult this 3310 resist.
The question that arises is, buy it only on a whim? Technology has advanced a lot since the Nokia 3310 is launched for the first time. Mobile phones are very similar to what they were, and we now demand them yields near which they get from our laptops and desktops. Nostalgia may have little hollow beyond brag about a time have bought a phone and that ends up in a drawer.
A mobile phone of the year 2000, what can do 17 years later in addition to being a collector’s item?
We do not know how this future will be Nokia 3310 but if they raised it as it was, despite renewed throughout its interior, we can get to the idea that We won’t touch screen or color screen, or should not have them if the model is faithful to the original. Again, buy a mobile phone that will be used to make calls and receive messages. Receive messages on WhatsApp era and its States.
We will see what finally happens to the future Nokia 3310 but the entire manoeuvre It does not seem to go beyond a mere claim. It may sales to be a success, as it has happened with the aforementioned mini Nintendo NES, but then Nokia will have to prove that it is able to survive and be competitive in the current market. And there the Nokia 3310 will have little or nothing to do.