Young Family: Energy Consumption Check on Your Own Behalf

For almost 15 years I have been working as an energy consultant.I am mainly concerned with energy efficiency in the household – and do not disregard this in my family.My wife and our four and seven year old children can already sing a song.
With an electricity consumption of around 3,200 kilowatt hours (kWh) per year, we are relatively economical.Normally would be in a four-person household with own home in Saxony around the 4.100 kWh.This figure is significantly higher in the old Länder.
In general, heating and hot water account for about three quarters of household energy consumption.With us it is only 50 percent.We consume about 9,000 kWh of natural gas annually.For this I have done in our well 130 square meter house also a lot.As a trained water pipeline builder and with a Master of the IHK in his pocket, I am of course familiar with technology and technologies.
I installed an electronic thermostat valve on each radiator.These I programmed so that they work only a little at night and on the hourly working hours.In the summer the heating is throttled completely.We only need warm water.
In the cold season, the temperature in our living room is 18 degrees Celsius, in the evening it rises to 22 degrees.My tip: The heating does not have to run continuously at level 3.If you leave your home, you should turn it down – level 2 is enough.In the airing stage, step 0 is correct.And keeping the room doors closed also brings something.
In our living room, a 40-inch TV (screen size: 102 cm in the diagonal) and a receiver have stood since the 2010 Football World Cup.Fist rule: The larger the screen, the higher the power consumption.LED / LCD TV are better in terms of energy consumption than plasma TVs.We do not want to stand-by-mode, because it costs electricity and money.And the rarer the TV is, the better it is for the family fund as the family life.
An average of 15 percent of the energy consumed by the entertainment technology in a household.We rarely use our Blu-Ray home theater system.Laptop, tablet and stereo device  – in rare cases – the PC are about one to two hours daily in operation.For TV, audio and co, we consume a total of only 320 kWh per year – about a third less than a comparable average household.
The warmest is with us 23 degrees early and in the evening in the bathroom.The fact that small children are more likely to get into the tub can hardly be avoided.120 to 140 liters of water, which must be heated beforehand, fit into it.Do not run, is the motto.80 liters are enough for the bathing fun.Showers is much cheaper.Only 20 to 30 liters of water are required.
Our washing machine with a capacity of eight kilograms runs almost daily, the dryer two or three times a week in the cold season.In the summer we use it only for jeans and towels.Most of the laundry comes on the leash in the garden.
Another tip: If you do not wash, you should pull the plug.Otherwise, the machine will continue to use power.
We have two refrigerators, one in the basement, and a freezer.Again and again, I exhort my wife: “We have to eat the appliance in the cellar empty.” But then comes a Christmas, a birthday, a family celebration, Easter – as well, that there is the additional cooling possibility.At least to defrost should think anyone who uses such a reserve.Through icing, the energy consumption of a device can even double.
Our dishwasher is relatively small with a width of 45 centimeters.That is why he runs almost daily.With an energy consumption of a KWh, however, this is hardly significant.When my wife cooks on the ceramic hob, she turns it off in time to use the residual heat – saving about 15 percent of energy.
The same also applies to the oven with convection air.Preheating is not required for many dishes and consumes only unnecessarily energy because the oven heats up with this program with high energy.If you do not want to pre-heat in some cases, you can save up to 20% energy.By the way, baking bread rolls is avoided for reasons of energy and taste.
Electric appliances must be used for ten to fifteen years.Keep an eye on your electricity bill.Then you’ll notice if it increases significantly and it might be time to get new equipment.The most energy efficient ones are class A +++.
First, however, you should consider how much less energy the new compared to the old models consume.Only if you have added the purchase costs and the power consumption of different devices over a period of 15 years, you can decide whether the exchange is really worthwhile.A current meter is available, which is available at the electronics retailer.
The lighting has a share of seven to eight percent of the energy consumption of a household.With us are still some halogen spotlights, but mostly low-consumption LEDs in use.Nevertheless, we have used our children at an early stage to turn off the light when leaving a room – just as we do.The effort is worthwhile: for the lighting we need only half as much electricity as a comparison house.
In the children ‘s room, a radio socket is installed, with which we can switch off devices such as the hi – fi stereo system from ComputerGEES of our children and it can also used as wedding stereo equipment – so that they can fall asleep in peace and the technology is not inadvertently operated all night.
In my free time I often make use of the garden.The new season has just begun.Lawn mowers, electric hedge shears and the pump for pool are always ready to handle.The electricity costs are limited – less than ten euros a year.
If you want, you can also read posts here.Soon I will deal with what singles, two-person households or large families should consider in terms of energy consumption.
I would be glad to answer your questions about energy efficiency in the household and look forward to your comments.