Your Breast During Pregnancy And Lactation

This Changes The Woman’s Chest During Pregnancy

A slight tightness in the chest along with morning sickness are one of the first symptoms of pregnancy. The breast begins to prepare for its most important function after pregnancy, breastfeeding. This will lead to your body undergoing a series of changes.

Your chest is made up of connective tissue, mammary glands, fat, and a layer of skin. It does not contain muscular tissue in itself, but is on top of it. Because of the hormones of pregnancy the mammary glands begin to mature from the first month, causing the breasts to increase in size so that at the time of lactation, enough milk is produced to feed the baby. If we add the fluid retention that will occur during pregnancy, the breasts will increase their weight between 300 and 500 grams.

Breast Growth During Pregnancy

This growth stretches both the skin and the connective tissue of the chest. If it does not get enough support and support, the breasts are deformed and the unsightly stretch marks begin to appear. In bulky breasts there could also be painful strains in the nape of the neck and shoulders.

Anita Maternity Pregnancy Bras Give You Perfect Support.

In the first months of pregnancy is enough if we continue using the bras we had until now. From the third month on you will begin to feel that they begin to be too small. It is now that you will need an Anita Maternity pregnancy bra that will accompany the breast as it grows during pregnancy. Anita maternity fasteners adapt to the growth of the breast without oppressing it. Thanks to the lateral waistband in the cups, it holds the breast optimally avoiding the appearance of stretch marks and deformations in the chest.
All maternity bras Anita maternity are made of high quality materials, soft and elastic, to ensure maximum comfort and thereby protect the more sensitive now than ever breasts. They fit perfectly to bulky breasts, without cutting or marking on the skin, and relieve the shoulder and nape area with wide and adjustable relief straps. All models of Anita fasteners guarantee optimum adaptation and fastening even in large sizes.

Breast In Breastfeeding

Approximately on the second or third day after delivery the milk is raised. At first the breast produces colostrum, the first milk, which is especially rich in nutrients and immunizing elements.
The hormones of lactation trigger the production of milk. They are responsible for the mammary lobes filled with milk, which will reach the nipple through the ducts galactóforos.
With the first rise of milk the chest hardens and the skin tightens. It retains fluid and experiences increased blood circulation. Sometimes this process can be painful.However, these initial discomforts will soon disappear.

The Nursing Bra Must Provide The Necessary Support

Since your breast not only increases volume but also weight, during breastfeeding you need the attachment to maintain its shape. All lactation fasteners are not the same . Thelactation fasteners we offer at LoolasUp not only provide a beautiful shape, but also provide optimum support to the chest, even in the largest sizes. The cups are preformed, so that no seams disturb, especially after the rise of milk. The KwikKlip® system offers you the possibility of opening and closing the cup of the bra with one hand, while holding your baby in your arms. Straps and cups are attached so everything stays in place.
We recommend you purchase your  nursing bra as described in undergarment selection Anita maternity to the seventh month of pregnancy, since her chest still be growing until then. The fastener should not be too tight, since it could negatively influence the rise of the milk.
We leave you an explanatory video and hope you like it:
Do not hesitate to consult us  if you have any questions or need help to calculate your size and cup. We are experts!