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Top 10 One-Year MBA Programs in the World

1. Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management

Location: Evanston, Illinois, USA


Location: Fontainebleau, France and Singapore

3. Instituto de Empresa IE Business School

Location: Madrid, Spain

4. University of Cambridge Judge Business School

Location: Cambridge, United Kingdom

5. University of Oxford Said Business School

Location: Oxford, United Kingdom

6. Cornell University S. C. Johnson Graduate School of Management

Location: Ithaca, New York, USA

7. ESADE Business School

Location: Barcelona, Spain

8. Emory University Goizueta Business School

Location: Atlanta, Georgia, USA

9. University of Florida Hough Graduate School of Business

Location: Gainesville, Florida, USA

10. Babson College Franklin W. Olin Graduate School of Business

Location: Boston, Massachusetts, USA


CFA and MBA Degrees

There are two professional designations in the world of high finance: a CFA and an MBA. A CFA or Chartered Financial Analyst, is a professional designation certificate awarded by the CFA Institute. An MBA or Master of Business Administration, are one-or two-year master-level degree awarded by business schools. Both an MBA and a CFA has their advantages and disadvantages.


A CFA candidate have to pass three levels of complex investigations relating to accounting, economics, business administration, ethics, money management and security analysis. It costs about $ 2200 to complete, which is not a lot of money, given the boost to the earning degree brings. CFA designation is essential for a career in the asset management industry, where you will be required to make investment decisions on behalf of the investment funds, such as pension funds. But if you want to go into investment banking or business, a CFA may not be necessary.


MBA--a common term for graduates of MBA programs---typically pursue a career in investment banking or management consulting. MBA's salaries are typically high, ranging from $ 70000 to more than $ 100,000 per year. But people who come into MBA programs, which already has typical salaries of over $ 60,000 copies, so the increased earnings, while real, is not extraordinary, especially if you consider the many hours an MBA need to work for an investment bank or a management consulting firm. The cost of getting an MBA degree is high---an MBA at a top business school can cost $ 100,000 to complete. In addition, the competition for entry into top business schools, such as Harvard or Stanford, is extremely tough.

CFA Track

idea to combine a MBA program with a CFA designation is not new. But in 2006, the CFA Institute began a partnering program with 41 business schools worldwide to provide at least 70 percent of the CFA course activities as part of the MBA curriculum. After getting their MBA degrees, students in these business schools, with a little preparation, should be able to pass the CFA exams.


There is no guaranteed way to get success in finance or business. Many business leaders, such as Bill Gates, does not even have a higher education qualification or designation. Still other people come in high finance and business services after the commissioning of a certified public accountant (CPA) qualification, another highly regarded professional designation.
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