Alabama Geography and Famous Natives

Alabama geography

In the northern and northeastern regions of Alabama, and along much of its border with Georgia, the lands are hilly and mountainous.

The central, western, and southwestern regions are covered by rolling field plains that slope gently west into the Mississippi, and south into the Gulf of Mexico.

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The Cumberland Plateau in the north is an elevated, somewhat flat area, dissected by the large Tennessee River system and many small tributaries.

The Piedmont Highlands are dominated by several flat-topped mountains, while the Piedmont Plateau in the southeast is generally less elevated land, averaging about 1000 feet above sea level.

Appalachians, approximately 1,500 miles in length, extends from north-central Alabama, through the states of New England and on into the Canadian areas of New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Quebec.

Alabama is heavily wooded, and in fact, forests cover almost 65% of the available land. Several size mountains stand in northeast Alabama, with Lookout Mountain the most prominent. Further south in the Talladaga Range of the Appalachians, the highest point in the state, Mount Cheah, stands at 2,407 feet.

Underground caves are found throughout Alabama. Swamps and swamps are common in the far south along the Coastal Plain, which opens onto the Gulf of Mexico and extends into Florida.

Alabama contains over 1,350 shipping milesĀ rivers, more than any other continental US state. Major ones include Alabama, Chattahoochee, Conecuh, Mobile, Tennessee and Tombigbee.

Alabama Famous Natives

People listed are almost always native to the state. We do (on occasion) include those who have either lived within the state for most of their adult lives or have made significant contributions to the state in their personal endeavors.


  • Hank Aaron baseball player
  • Ralph Abernathy civil rights activist
  • Alabama country music group
  • Mel Allen sportscaster
  • Richard Arrington Jr. politician


  • Actress Mary Badham
  • Actress Tallulah Bankhead
  • Charles Barkley basketball player
  • Written by Beverly Barton
  • Regina Benjamin physician, American medical director
  • Actress Amber Benson
  • Branch Pale Blue Singer
  • Michael Biehn actor
  • Bishop of Sanford Dixon, Jr. politician
  • Bibi Black classic trumpeter
  • Lucas Black actor
  • Vinton M. Blunt US Postmaster General, philanthropist
  • Neil Bonnett racing driver
  • Bobby Bowden football coach
  • Written by Rick Bragg
  • Johnny Mack Brown actor
  • Paul William “Bear” Bryant football coach
  • Edward Burkhelter American naval admiral, head of naval intelligence
  • John Michael Burton author
  • Brett Butler actress, comedian
  • Pat Buttram actor
  • Larry Byrom musician


  • Actress Nell Carter
  • Written by Mark Childress
  • Stuart Sink golfer
  • Native artist “King” Cole
  • Marva Collins educator
  • Commodore Group
  • Football player Jericho Cotchery
  • Written by Dennis Covington
  • Actress Courteney Cox


  • Angela Davis activist
  • Sam Dees songwriter
  • Kim Dickens actress
  • Actress Melinda Dillon
  • Deirdre Downes Miss America


  • Cleveland Eaton musician, jazz bandleader
  • Dennis Edwards singer
  • James Reese Europe composer, jazz bandleader


  • Written by Zelda Sayree Fitzgerald
  • Actress Fanny Flagg
  • Louise Fletcher actress, author
  • Flowers Vonetta Olympic medalist
  • Melvin Franklin singer


  • Musician Teddy Gentry
  • Kenneth Allen Gibson politician
  • Harvey Glance Olympic track medalist
  • William Gorgas US Army Medical Officer
  • Arby Green musician
  • Steve Grissom Racer


  • Written by Zara Hardt
  • MIA Hamm Olympic football medalist
  • William Christopher Handy composer
  • Singer Emmylou Harris
  • Gustav Hasford author, screenwriter
  • Erskine Hawkins musician, jazz bandleader, composer
  • US Secretary of State Alexis Herman Labor
  • Taylor Hicks singer, songwriter
  • Bill Holbrook cartoonist
  • Artist Lonnie Holly
  • Artist Nall Hollis
  • Evander Holyfield boxer
  • Robert Horry basketball player (born in MD)
  • Frank House baseball player
  • Linda Howard Vietnam War Hero
  • Robert Howard author
  • Robert Lewis Howard Army Special Forces soldier, war hero
  • James Byron Huggins author
  • Written by William Bradford Huey


  • Branch football jackson and baseball player
  • Actress Kate Jackson
  • Sonny James singer
  • Astronaut Mae Jemison
  • Dean Jones actor
  • Lee Roy Jordan football player
  • Tom Joyner radio host
  • Percy Lavon Julian chemist, inventor


  • Helen Adams Keller author, activist, lecturer
  • Eddie Kendricks singer, songwriter
  • Baseball player Jimmy Key
  • Civil rights leader Coretta Scott King
  • Martin Luther King, III Civil Rights Leaders
  • Actress Yolanda King

Alabama Geography

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