Andy Rubin Bet on Android in Its New Smartphone Essential, According to Eric Schmidt

That Andy Rubin, one of the founders of Android, takes time away from Google no longer a secret. Already several weeks ago the name of the former Executive of the Mountain View returned to come to light when it was learned that he was behind a new smartphone called Essential, and recently appeared a picture of a smartphone in your hand.
The news was obvious because the fashion would join the future terminal of the Mobile without frames and he is has been speculating that it would include its own operating system that, by the way, nothing today is known. But little more than one hour ago appeared a Tweet from Eric Schmidt, Google executive, revealing that the Essential would use Android as an operating system.

Phenomenal new choices for Android users coming very soon. An example! our site/3fwvYl6vlu

— Eric Schmidt (@ericschmidt) March 29, 2017
Schmidt said in the message that There will be new options coming soon to Android users, and cited the Andy Rubin Tweet with a picture of your mobile future in hand. This is not something that should surprise us given that one of the parents of our preferred operating system, it has certain logic that bet by.
Anyway, if someone is more or less clever, in the own image of the smartphone is revealed to the top (if you held it in the normal way) It corresponds to the Android notification bar. Therefore, if what the Google executive says is true (and there is no reason to believe that it lies), within a few months will see one competitor in Android.