Appears a Future Nokia Ultra Economic That Sneak into Large Number of Pockets

Nokia is not what it was before, or probably never be again. The Finnish company that dominated the market with a firm hand for many years in the era pre-smartphones died in Microsoft breast, and which now begins to rebuild itself is a new company in the hands of Global HMD which will have to start from scratch. Or not exactly zero, because the brand has even much weight.
Nokia Android Association is a reality since it became official a few months ago, and now just hope that new devices of the Nordics begin to parade into the market. The last to appear is also quite interesting, not only because his power seems to be very fair but because you can reach a very competitive price. and return the market with mobile cheap seems a good strategy.

That seems to be called Nokia Pixel

The new smartphone from Nokia, whose debut is expected beginning of 2017, has made its first appearance through a benchmark. Already we are getting used to these performance tests to disclose the terminals before its official launch, and in the case of This Nokia Pixel, if finally made his debut with that name, is no exception.
Specifications leaked ahead of time we speak of an ultra low range, a companion of the future Nokia D1C which has already appeared in more than one occasion. To begin with, we will have a Snapdragon 200, a 32-bit, dual-core chip, and only 1, 19GHz clocked that puts us just where Nokia can pull its catalogue: in cheaper phones that can be found at this time.
Next to the processor will arrive, logically, the graphic Adreno 302 which is is inescapably linked to the chip of the Americans. But there is something else that we know, and your RAM memory. 1GB for this Nokia Pixel that also will have Android 7.0 Nougat in its interior. Do you have interest to know which performance will thus have a smartphone with Nougat? Also we.
What is clear is that views these first specifications, we can be talking about a Nokia smartphone with Android It would cost less than 100 dollars since its launch. You trade internationally? We’ll see what announce when the day of your presentation, but it is clear that combining Nokia Android and priced almost at whim can be a successful combination. Perhaps even buy for nostalgia, we’ll see.