Application Deadlines for Studying in the USA

There are no uniform application deadlines at US universities. On the one hand, this is due to the fact that each college and university decides individually on the application deadline. On the other hand, the application deadlines vary from study type to study type.

Applications for summer sessions are possible at shorter notice than for a master’s degree. In addition, there are programs such as language courses or advanced training, which usually take place several times a year, so that there are no fixed application deadlines. If all places in a language course are occupied, the university closes the program and applications for the next course are possible.

Also for language courses should have their application at least prospective three months before the course starts to submit in order to have sufficient time to apply for a visa. If you want to live in on-campus accommodation, you have to apply at some universities even earlier.

Bachelor and master studies

For Bachelor and Master applications for the semester, the deadlines are often between January and March. However, there are also universities with application deadlines in November, May or June. As a guideline: Applications should be submitted no later than the beginning of the year.

If you start your studies in the USA in the spring semester, a shorter-term application is sometimes possible due to the lower number of applicants. Nevertheless, it is advisable to apply early. Those who apply in October of the previous year have a good window of time for further organization.

In the graduate area, in particular, there are courses that begin at every academic term and consequently have several application deadlines. However, the majority of international students start studying in the USA in the fall.

Semester abroad

There are often no fixed application deadlines in the semester area in the USA, a country located in North America according to transporthint. The colleges and universities open the application process at a certain time, for example in late summer. From then on it is possible to submit applications. A few universities set quotas so that the number of study places is limited. In general, the chances for international students to get a place in a semester are very good.

Summer sessions

There are also often no fixed deadlines for summer sessions in the USA. The courses are allocated immediately after the application has been received. Since summer schools take place between May and September, applications are usually possible from February or March.

Types of application deadlines in the US

The application process for studying in the USA seems confusing at first glance, as there are several application deadlines:

  • University Application Deadline: Application deadlines that apply to the entire university
  • Department Deadline: At graduate level, it is common for each department to set its own application deadline. For Master’s applicants, this deadline has priority over the general University Application Deadline.
  • Document Deadline: At US universities with a document deadline, it is possible to submit certain documents after the official application deadline. However, this should be avoided if possible, as some universities consider the documents submitted later in the order in which they are received. This may mean that applicants have fewer chances of getting a place at the university.

In addition, US universities have different types of application deadlines:

  • Rolling Admissions: The ” Rolling Admissions ” procedure is particularly common in semester and summer programs, but can also be found in full-time studies, for example in MBA programs. In this case there is no fixed application deadline. Instead, applications are possible over a longer period of time. They will be processed immediately upon receipt. At some universities there is also a so-called priority deadline. Applications received up to this point will be given preferential treatment.
  • Regular application deadline: In this case, the university or department will set a regular deadline by which all applications must be received. In some cases, earlier deadlines apply to international applicants than to local students.
  • Early Action: Some universities and colleges offer Bachelor applicants the option to submit their application before the regular application period. If you want to start studying in the USA during the semester, you can usually submit your documents in November of the previous year. The university will inform applicants as early as mid-December whether they will be able to study. In the ” Early Action ” procedure, the applicant is not bound by the university’s acceptance. He can also choose another university.
  • Early Decision / Early Binding: The “ Early Decision ” principle is similar to the “ Early Action ” procedure. The difference is that an “ Early Decision ” application is only possible at a single university. In the event of acceptance, the applicant undertakes to accept the study place at this and no other university. Prospective students should think carefully in advance whether they want to commit to a university.

Application Deadlines for Studying in the USA

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