Application Process for Studying in the USA

Once the desired university and the appropriate subject have been found, the next step is to apply. What is the first thing to organize? By when do the application documents have to be submitted to the host university? Who should the application be addressed to and who decides on admission? Many university applicants think about these and similar questions.

In the USA, it is up to each individual university and its departments to determine the type of application process, set application deadlines and define admission criteria. There is therefore no uniform application process for studying in the USA.

Nevertheless, certain similarities can be noted for the individual types of study with regard to the application process for a degree in the USA.

Application process in checklist format

  • Select university and study program in the USA
  • Find out about the admission requirements
  • Register early for language and, if necessary, admission tests
  • Note the application deadline (s)
  • Compile application documents:
    • Application form
    • Transcript of Records
    • Proof of funding
    • If necessary, sworn translation of the Bachelor and / or Master’s certificate
    • Course wish list (semester abroad and summer sessions)
    • Letter of motivation / essay and letter of recommendation (especially for a complete degree in the USA)
  • Submit complete application early
  • If you are accepted, the US university will issue a Certificate of Eligibility (I-20 / DS-2019), sometimes in combination with a welcome letter.
  • Depending on the university and study program: Acceptance of the offered study place required

Time of admission to study in the USA

Once the application has been submitted, the wait begins and with it one of the most unpleasant phases of the application process for studying in the USA. When applicants can expect a message from the university depends on the respective institution.

The time of application is also decisive. Usually, most of the applications come in for the semester case, at least for bachelor programs and in the semester area. Accordingly, the processing time is on average longer than at the beginning of a semester in the USA in spring.

The host university often gets back to you relatively quickly, especially when it comes to applications for short-term programs. This is due to the fact that the documents usually arrive at the International Admission Office and are also processed there.

Students who apply for a semester abroad wait an average of four to eight weeks for an answer. In the case of summer sessions, feedback can be given after a few hours, but also after several weeks. The average processing time is between four and six weeks. How long applicants wait for an answer depends on how thoroughly the university checks the previous knowledge of the participants.

In the case of transfer students, the acceptance of a study place and the placement in a subject semester are sometimes delayed. This is due to the fact that the university often first checks the courses that have been taken so far and the academic achievements that have been acquired. Only then does it decide whether to classify the applicant as “ Freshman ” (first year of study), “ Sophomore ” (second year of study), “ Junior ” (third year of study) or “ Senior ” (fourth year of study).

More complex application process for studying in the USA at master’s level

The application process for a master’s degree in the USA is more complex. Initially, applications often go to the International Admission Office. Since applications for Master level are usually subject-specific as to Bachelor level that guides Admission Office, the documents then to the relevant department on.

It is not uncommon for applications to be collected first and then reviewed by a committee of professors. Usually, all documents must first be available in the original before confirmations are sent. This explains why master’s applicants often have to wait longer until they finally hold the coveted pre-document for the F-1 visa, the I-20, in their hands.

Many young people around the world agree: The United States of America is their dream study destination. All that’s missing is a place at an American university and the study adventure in the “land of unlimited possibilities” can begin.

There are various criteria that will help future applicants to narrow down the wide range of universities and study programs in the USA. This includes the location, size and equipment of the university, the range of courses and courses as well as the admission criteria of the study programs.

If prospective students have decided on one or more universities, the application phase can begin. However, interested parties should first familiarize themselves with the admission criteria and the process of applying to study in the USA, a country located in North America according to travelationary.

Application Process for Studying in the USA

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